Thursday, September 13, 2007

Entry for September 13, 2007


More pics added today!  I took a train over to Lagos, Portugal, to spend a day on the beach!  I sat on the sand for awhile, but those cliffs in the distance kept on calling my name, so of course, I answered!

A long day!  It is tiring to run up and down steep cliffs!  (And I saw more signs declaring Danger ahead.  But this time they only said "Perigo" so I just shrugged it off!).  I slept on the train ride back...but I saw some of the most beautiful cliffs and ocean landscape on the planet while at the beach!  And remember how I said that Portugal has gone topless?!  Well, it so turns out that in the most remote of places...the small beaches that you can only get to by boat or by swimming...they have gone bottomless, as well!  From the cliff-tops, I could see 'em!  oops!

Anyway, click on the My Stories link on top, then on Lagos, Portugal.  Hope ya enjoy!

2007-09-14 00:26:16 GMT

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