Monday, July 19, 2010

Man Cave Time!!!--July 18, 2010

Woke up at 8:30.  Sooooooo tired.  Didn't know it but ended up falling back asleep.  Woke up at 9:05.  Agh!  I had church in just 10 minutes.  Knew I wasn't goin' to be makin' that, but I was happy to hear some wind outside.  Aggressive wind.  I looked outside, and it looked like it could storm!  I checked the radar, and we had a nasty storm just 10 miles to the west!!!  Woo hoo!  It was solid red with a ton of green behind it.  "There is no way this could miss us," I remember saying in my head.  It was solid top to bottom.  We were under a "Severe Thunderstorm Warning" with gusts to 60 MPH and hail with this particular storm.  Woo hoo!

I grabbed a bowl of cereal and went outside in my driveway and ate it.  I could see the nasty clouds to the south, and I could hear the rumbles of thunder after an occasional lightning strike.  Perfect!  I went back inside to take a quick shower and hopefully get to church right before it arrived.  I wanted to see it!

I hopped out of the shower and checked the radar.  It showed no rain.  Website error.  I refreshed it.  Still nothin'.  The only rain was now 45 miles west.  Hmm.  I went to read the warning, and it was gone!!!  We were now only under a watch.  WHAT?!  I literally wondered if I had just seen the future...almost like a deja-vu thing.  I read the watch.  Hmm.  It listed different cities but the same material.  Agh, I HAD to have read it correctly earlier.  But the screen showed NO rain.  I was so confused.  This storm was massive!

I headed outside and off to church.  Sure enough, the clouds were quite different.  Still there, still neat, but the west was pretty clear.  I could see a bit of sun on the horizon.  What was going on?  Got to church around 9:40.  A bit late but no worries.  Was glad to walk in at the start of the sermon.  Not too big on the singing stuff.

Went to Sunday School after the service, and that was interesting.  Actually, I hated it.  I was greeted by more people again, asking if this was my first time.  I have been coming off and on (summers only) for two years now (three?), and I am still a visitor.  Pretty frustrating.  As such, I sat at a table by myself.  No surprise there.  And the teacher was unbelievably boring.  Like...terrible.  The one place I came/come to get interaction with others, and I was waaaaaaaaaaay off dreaming about something.  Literally counting down the minutes.  I never do that.  It was like school all over again with a bad lecture.  Ugh, I was so frustrated.  I was so eager to get out of there.  Don't think I'll be hitting this class up again.  I was bummed, too, as I realized that the class I wanted to go to was at 9:15 when I went to the service.  Oops.  Next week, for sure.

Headed to Mom and Dad's for lunch where I stayed until about 3:00.  Headed back home, then got a phone call about a bar I had inquired about from craiglist.  It was a bit of a drive, but I have been lookin' for some time now!  And I liked this one!  So I quickly headed back to pick up straps from Mom and Dad's house, then hit the road.  It was about an hour and a half drive after my 14-mile detour.  I lost the directions somewhere between my house and the road!  Grr!

But I liked what I saw, so I bought it.  This is the centerpiece of the man cave I have been waiting for!  Now that I have this, I can start plannin' out the rest of it!  I am so excited!  The drive was a bit more than I wanted to do, but it's done.  I have what I need.  Should last for years, too.  So I'm excited.

Mom, Dad, and Debbie came over to help unload the bar.  I was pleased that it survived the trip without so much as a scratch!  We put it in my garage, then I took Ma and Pa out for ice cream at McDonald's.  We talked finances pretty much the entire time.  Their finances.  Retirement is getting pretty close!

Came back home aroun 9:00 and spent the night inside.  Got a crazy idea for a theme for my man cave, so I started workin' out the details on how it's goin' to look.  This is fun!  A LOT of work to do, though.

Ended up going to bed at 12:45.  Alarm is set for 9:30.  I just want to sleep.  So tired.

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