Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Composed August 27, 2007--Posted August 29, 2007


Ok, first things first…I promised I would post a list of lessons learned…so without further ado, here they are…and if they are blunt, um…well, just know that they are true!  It’s just some rather keen observations!

1.  Abraham Lincoln is not Springfield.  Homer Simpson is.  (I have not heard Abe’s name uttered once, no lie.  Homer?  I can’t even begin to tell you).

2.  I smoke 16 packs of second-hand smoke a day.  Some on the street, some outside pubs, much inside homes, and I have even got a ill’ bit of the second-hand reefer.  Turns out it is legal here. 

3.  Accents are what make the world go round.

4.  I don’t understand why I like cute girls.

5.  Cute girls are everywhere.

6.  Many like to show off their boobs and the two inches above their Baby Maker.  Ask me about the Ford vs. Lamborghini illustration sometime…

7.  Even mannequins are hotter in Ireland.  I wish I didn’t have to say this, but it’s true.

8.  I very much dislike carrying two bags totaling 50 pounds.  I yearn for the days where I can leave my bags at someone’s house!

9.  Ireland is expensive.  No, I’m serious.  Extra Value Meals=$8.00.  Not cool.  How about a Pizza Hut Lunch Bufet?!  8.99 Euros!  (Over $12.00!).

10.  Drinking is oxygen to the Irish.

11.  The Irish are friendly!

12.  Dating is not an option here.  Sex is.

13.  I see boobs I don’t ask to see.  In a window above the City Center of Dublin.  In a local newspaper of a 15-year-old boy sittin’ next to me.  In the truck of a construction worker.  On the bedroom door of a couchsurfing host.  Turns out fully naked ladies aren’t limited to XXX shops around here…they can be in newspapers and regular magazines, too.  Just learned today they’re on Page 3.  Oh, hey, look, two boobs on the television.  No joke.  And a butt, even.  Even as I am typing.  What are the odds of that?!

14.  It’s always nice to hear from people back home.

15.  When you don’t eat all the time, meals actually mean something!

16.  When you don’t sleep all the time, sleep actually means something!

17.  Travelin’ can make you lose hope in anything good in the world.

18.  Travelin’ can make you regain hope for the world.

19.  Friends are all that matter.

20.  And finally, friends are all that matter.

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