Monday, August 27, 2007

Entry for August 27, 2007

This won't be long, but I just want to update you all!

I'm flyin' into Scotland in less than 12 hours...I'm still in Ireland right now.  And I'm currently with four Polish people!  They are speakin' like crazy in their own language, and I'm just listenin'!  (I already had my lessons a bit ago...haha...they laughed at me!  But they actually said I was really good.  I just needed to sprinkle more "broken glass" here and there...the Polish add all sorts of crazy slurred sounds throughout...very hard to pick up).  I asked how to say hello, how are you, and will you be my wife.  Great info to have!

It's been a crazy few days, and when I get longer internet access (I'm on the cute Polish girl's laptop right now), I'll post all the's really been a GREAT few days.  Things have been incredibly fun and smooth!

I'm in Limerick, Ireland, right now...movin' all over the island!  I'll be stayin' with a couple of Polish guys tonight.  They were supposed to move out tonight, but I convinced them to push it off an extra night.  It's great!  And I've got a couch lined up for the next few days in Glasgow, Scotland...a guy told me where he hides his keys without even meeting me!  So the house is mine for 10 hours before he gets home!  I love it!'s goin' really well right now!  I'll try to get some pics up soon of the castles, the people, etc.

And, YES, I did kiss the Blarney Stone today!!!

And just for the record, I am going to build myself a castle wherever I end up living.

Yup, she's still cute.  And she speaks another language.  Dag nab it, I love it.

2007-08-27 22:58:11 GMT

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  1. Author:Anonymous
    Looking forward to your castle pictures...your pictures so far look amazing!
    2007-08-27 23:42:42 GMT
    in reference to the cute polish girl......dibs

    2007-08-28 00:04:58 GMT