Friday, November 27, 2009

Crazy Day--November 27, 2009


Woke up at 7:00 this morning...30 minutes earlier than normal!  Grabbed some breakfast, then headed over to the airport by myself.  I was to fly back over to Parker County today to do some reflies...

I left the hotel around 7:45.  Another perfect day at the airport...the skies had some clouds, but they were way high.  The winds were pretty light, and the air was nice.  I loaded up the flight plans, then headed off.  I had originally requested 4500 feet, but once I got up there, I stopped at 2500 feet.  I wanted to be able to see the earth, and the air was just so smooth that the low altitude was fine!  2500 feet it was.

I threw on my auto-pilot which I rarely use, but man, it sure is nice.  Set a heading, set an altitude, and just sit back!  I grabbed the USA Today I had brought with me!  I was doing 96 knots over the ground, and I had 200 miles to go, so I was looking at a little over 2 hours.

Little known fact:  Northeast Texas has NOTHING.  I heard the other guys from another project on frequency this morning...they left Dallas EARLY in order to get to Fayetteville, AR, by window open.  Ambitious suckers.  I talked to them for quite awhile.  I joked that Texas had this 200-mile of forests in order to guard themselves from Arkansas...I think it's a valid argument.

About 20 miles   outside of the DFW Class B airspace, I was asked to stay clear...but I maintained my heading.  About 10 miles out, I was cleared DIRECT DFW at 3500 feet!!!  What?!  Seriously?!  I didn't hesitate!!!  This is a rarity, and I was more than happy to have it!  Woo hoo!

And sure enough, I flew right over the top of DFW.  Traffic was taking off and coming in...and I was just enjoying watching it!  Too fun!  Of course, I was taking pictures left and right, too.  Oh, and this was the day after Thanksgiving, so traffic was CRAZY!!!  Wal-Marts were packed.  Malls were even more packed.  And here I was, literally oblivious to it all...almost laughing inwardly at the silliness of it.  People were frantically shopping...and I was just smiling at my view.  I really really really really love this part about the job.  I get paid to fly.  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I flew all the way across the Class B airspace at 3500 feet and then requested direct to my projects.  I had several lines to do there, and it took me a little over an hour, but all was smooth.  From there, I went direct to Cleburne...for the umpteenth time!!!

I was supposed to pick up transponders that were mailed there.  Well, I landed, and the FBO was closed.  Crap.  This was not good!  For two reasons.  One, I needed to pee.  And two, I didn't have the transponders.  Well, being who I am, I wasn't ok with I peed on the side of the FBO...and then searched around.  Well, across the airport, I saw our courtesy car that we had been given for the past three weeks!!!  Still in the same position where Jeff had left it outside of the maintenance hangar.  So I walked over.  Sure enough, the keys were hidden where we had left them!

Perfect!  I started it up and drove into town.  I headed for the UPS store and inquired about a package.  She said it wasn't possible without a tracking number.  Well, I made several phone calls that came up short...but she was able to track down her driver.  He was at the airport!  But he was moving on.  I was to meet him at the back of the hospital.  ha!

So I drove to the hospital and waited about 15 minutes.  Sure enough, we came, and I grabbed the package.  From there, I went out to Wendy's to eat.  I didn't have a chance of making it back to Texarkana to help out with the project there, so this was now going to be MY day!!!  I ate, then went to Tractor Home Supply.  I just looked around but bought nothing.  But I did want a winter coat, so I headed over to the Walls factory store...and sure enough, I bought a couple of coats...and overalls!!!!  Why not, right?!

I headed back to the airport, then headed back for Texarkana.  It was another smooth flight.  This time I was doing 130 knots across the was going to be about an hour and 20 minutes.  Smooth air, just a couple of aircraft calls, but very smooth.  I landed and waited for my shuttle.  I talked with a guy that landed behind me in a Tri-Pacer.  He told me to keep my job..."ride that horse until it dies."  I seem to get that advice more and more.  I have a pretty sweet job.  Man, I'm thankful for it.  I went to FedEx to drop off some packages, then headed for the hotel.

We went out to eat at Hooter's, then I came back and played some ping-pong, then went for a run.  Rested in the hotel at night.  Tomorrow is another flying day...before we get rain.

Went to bed at 11:00.

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