Saturday, November 21, 2009

Glooooomy--November 20, 2009

Woke up at 7:30.  I suppose that's not technically fair, as I also woke up at 3:34 this morning, too.  I could've sworn we had THUNDER in our hotel room!!!  I am a very heavy sleeper, but this storm was angry!  But when I woke up to my alarm the second time, sure enough, it was still raining.

Ate breakfast, then headed over to the airport with Matt and Danny (the mechanic).  We started right away where we had left off with my airplane.  Actually, the process was pretty slow, as Danny was calling the FAA Inspector wondering when he would arrive.  Because the Inspector wants to actually see how our mechanic inspects the airplane, Danny didn't want to start putting my bird back together he worked admittedly slowly...

I was pretty wound up in the morning...needing to have something to do.  So I just paced around the hangar.  Jeff ended up showin' up later (he had flown over 9 hours yesterday, so we let him sleep in), and we just had the typical mechanic-pilot talk throughout the day!  Anything and everything was fair, airplanes, Carrie Underwood (my future wife)...

I actually tend to hate these days.  Every 100 hours we have to have our planes inspected (which I DO appreciate), but at the same time, it can be kind of boring.  It's just a LOT of hanging around the hangar.  And it didn't help that the weather was pretty crummy...we had loooooow clouds (200 feet?) in the morning....and the day just progressively became colder.  I think the thermometer finally settled on 56 degrees.  Not cool.

I actually became pretty cold in the middle of the afternoon and had to go warm up in the FBO.  My nose was running uncontrollably, I was sneezing more than is healthy, and I was feeling pretty blah.

I talked to a couple of Lear jet pilots who were waiting all day in the FBO...tried to fix an atomic clock that the others couldn't figure out...paid for some health insurance...and then headed back for the hangar.  So borderline cold!  As an Illinois boy, I'm not supposed to complain about 56 degrees just two weeks away from December, but I have been pampered as of late!  It was 70 yesterday!!!

Some flight magazines, a couple of cups of coffee, and some more waiting and watching...and we were off to supper.  My airplane was put back together...and the FAA NEVER showed up.  Actually, the guy never even called back after two messages being left for him.  What professionalism.  I told the guys about how I learned to be successful in only takes two things (the other one I forgot)...but the #1 rule is:  Call a person back when you say you are going to call them back.  I STILL have a hard time doing that sometimes.  I am way better than I was before I heard that, but even last week, I failed!!!  grr!

We went to grab some Mexican food...I ate like a king.  But I was still feeling pretty crappy.

I literally came home and went to bed at 8:30.  Hopefully I'll wake up feeling better.

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