Thursday, December 17, 2009

Perfect! December 16, 2009


Woke up at 7:45.  Was NOT planning on working, but Kenton told me the clouds were at 5000 feet!  You have to be kidding.  I had actually gone to bed at 2:00...I wasn't ready to be up!  Quick shower, breakfast, out the door.

But sure enough, the clouds were high enough.  Well, mostly, anyway.  We had "creepers" ALL AROUND.  Comin' in off the coast, comin' out of the north.  But I was able to fly for 2.1 hours today.  I flew three flight plans...but was not able to finish any of them.  Quite frustrating.  Clouds literally overtook the entire sky by mid-morning.  This project is going to be sloooooooooooow!!!

But that worked out GREAT!!!  Because...

I had a date!!!  I met a chica for lunch where we just talked and got to know each other.  I had originally told her I would take her flying today (around noon), and since she had stayed up until 5:30 A.M., she simply was not ready to go at 8:30!  Not a good way to start out!  Oh well!  After lunch, we went and laid on the beach...that was so probably helped that she is so attractive!  And easy to talk to.  From there, we came back to the hotel, watched some TV, then went out to eat before...

Fishing on the ocean!!!

The guys and we took a large boat out on the ocean!  We all grabbed a pole and started fishing!   I had never fished in the ocean before, but I looooooved it!  Especially with a girl!  We had the cities off in the distance, the darkness of the vast ocean on the other side, and nothing but four hours of fishing!  Sandy beat me to the first fish...she pulled in a grunt.  I soon followed.  Then she kept reeling them in!  After an hour, she was up 6-5.  We pulled up grunt, markey?, and some others.  Then we changed locations.

NOTHING was biting there.  Except on Sandy's pole!!!  She pulled in a very nice 17-inch grouper.  What a catch!  We took a picture together.  Awwwww!!!

We moved again, but my luck was running dry.  I pulled in some type of poisonous red fish which had actually put our guide in the hospital for 7 days.  I was getting ready to take it off my pole, but something just told me it wasn't right.  I literally grabbed it with my hand, tried to fold down the back fin, but just didn't feel right.  A minute later, the guide came over and then explained what a dangerous fish this was (and finally explained his large medical band on his wrist!).  I sure would have liked to know that earlier!!!  Oh well.  I was so glad I stopped.  What was that that told me it was dangerous?!

A couple of thoughts just from today...first...there are filthy ridiculously rich people out there.  We passed by houses which easily cost several million dollars...that also had yachts out front that pushed $50 million or more.  But not just a few.  An entire water neighborhood of multi-million dollar yachts and houses.  Mansions.  It's a world I don't always know exists.  But it was certainly alive and well here.  I really just don't get it.  I told Sandy that I have no desire for that...I hope I'm always simple-minded...that I remember where I came from...that I remember others.  I really mean that.

Also...people in southern Florida are just stinkin' hot.  Seriously.  I don't know what it is, but the "pool" here is MUCH more enjoyable than central Illinois (and most other places!).  No questions asked.  From the waitresses to the chicks on the beach to WHEREVER, they are just waaaaaaaaaaay skinnier and often more attractive.  And not just a few of 'em!  They are everywhere!  In mass droves.  I like.  In a totally unrelated note (talking about something else), Sandy had said that she felt people were more shallow down here...I wonder if that goes hand-in-hand...


All in all, it was just a perfect night.  That followed a perfect day!

We came back to the hotel and hung out some more.  Sandy and I went to the hot tub and dipped our feet in...and just talked.  She's a pretty stinkin' neat woman.  I like her.

I promised her "another" flight tomorrow.  Agh, I hope it works out!

Oh, numerous times tonight...while out on the boat...over the ocean...I just thought about my life.  Right now, it's perfect.  I seriously cannot complain.  I never thought I'd get here again.  I feel kind of "wrong" and "nervous" about being here.  But I can seriously say I am happy.  Just very happy.  I pray it stays.

Went to bed at 1:30.

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