Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Bit of a Dilemma--June 12, 2010

Woke up at 8:30 A.M.  Grabbed some breakfast, and I was pleasantly suprised to walk outside and see thunderstorms all around!!!  I had a beautiful view of a (very low) rainbow to the southwest!  It didn't seem to go as high in the sky as the ones back home!  Who knows!  I came back up to the hotel room, took a shower, and took the morning easy.  We had lightning every once in a while, and I couldn't be happier!

Around 11:30, we headed to a sports bar to watch the USA vs. England soccer match.  We didn't have but three places to choose from, and after asking around, we were told to head back to the Wrigley Field bar from several nights ago.  We begrudgingly went.  It was kind of crazy...the whole place turned out to be packed about an hour after we got there...but not for the game!  Plenty of middle-aged folks were just comin' in to drink!  On an early Saturday afternoon!  They had a billiards tournament goin' on, and Pete and I were the ONLY folks in there for the game.  Grand Junction was seriously oblivious to the World Cup.  It was seriously disconcerting.

I grabbed a large meal of steak, shrimp, and French fries, and about an hour later, Pete opted for some lunch.  He was interested in the Bull Fries, not knowing what they were.  I told him they would be Rocky Mountain Oysters seeing as how we WERE in Colorado, but he still didn't have a clue.  So he ordered them!  And I actually had my first taste of bull testicles.  Honestly, not too bad.  They were certainly tough, but not what I expected.  It was mostly breading anyway.

After the game, Pete and I came back to the hotel, and we spent the day inside.  It was actually chilly outside!  We went from 95 degrees and dry to 59 degrees and wet overnight!  But I was thrilled.  Since I wasn't flying, it meant that I am closer to June 15th with plenty of hours left to burn for a flight to Daytona Beach!!!  I am so hoping for the best.

Out of boredom and basically the time, we headed out for supper around 6:30.  I wasn't too hungry, and we were both feeling something simple, so we headed to Jimmy John's.  We came back to the hotel and kept it simple.  We ended up watching "V for Vendetta" to pass the time.  I seriously thought the movie was quite stupid.  He loved it.  To each his own, I suppose.

So yup, another day of 0.0 hours!!!  I am thrilled!  In a perfect world, I would get the opportunity to fly back to Daytona Beach on June 14 and 15 and be home on the 15?  I sure hope so.  I got word tonight that one of my close friends is opening up for a fair back home.  I have seriously been waiting years for this.  This is his first BIG event.  I've always told him that when we goes big (and I think he will), that I will be his tour-bus driver.  Of course, hopefully that old bus gets traded in for a nice jet sometime, but we're just starting out.

Anyway, it wasn't a problem a few weeks ago when I originally found out he was playing at the fair.  I was going to work until the 10th, then be back home.  But it never occurred to me that I literally might miss his performance.  It seriously sucks.  I've heard of pilots missing birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and all, and I'm forced to realize that this is no different.  We live lives on the road.  It's often enjoyable.  And it's often quite annoying.

This is certainly annoying.  I think I would have deep regrets about missing this one.  And the problem is I just feel helpless.  Totally helpless.  Do I call my boss and ask to be home on the 15th, even though I know the company wants me at training that very week?  In my mind, I think I know what's going to happen, yet I'm honestly trying to remain hopeful and positive!!!

I want to be home June 15.  I NEED to be home June 15.  Please let it happen.

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