Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Lil' More--June 9, 2010


Woke up at 7:10 A.M.  Grabbed some breakfast, showered, then headed for the airport.  I honestly thought it was going to be a pretty quick day.  I knew we would be able to do the western lines, but I just didn't think the eastern or northern lines would be possible at all.

I made the 118-mile trek out to my flight plan.  I slowly climbed up to 13,800 feet.  I arrived on station and had no problem doing a west-bound line.  I turned east-bound, though, and I was going way too fast.  It was hard to maintain altitude, too, as I was watching my VSI pegged at 1000-feet/minute in a descent.  Nothing like flying close to the mountains.  It was smooth, though!  You seriously can't tell you are descending sometimes until you look at the gauge!!!  It's mind-boggling!

I tried to get back on altitude, but my speed was just too much going east.  I did another west-bound line but had to move flight plans.  This just wasn't going to be possible.  I was about 20 knots over the allowable limit.  I tried to do a north-bound line on a different flight plan, but it was more of the same.  Pete was having luck a little lower, so I dropped down to 12,700 and tried that.  We were only 5 miles apart, but I couldn't seem to find the luck he was having.  He was literally having no problem flying east AND west!!!  And here I was, dropping my gear, dropping my flaps, flying at blue line and STILL getting speed warnings.  I didn't get it.

I was pretty annoyed, though.  I just hate this type of flying.  I was getting tossed around quite a bit, too, moreso as I flew westward.  I don't get how turbulence works like that, but it was way more aggressive going west.  It was...miserable.  I was hating what I was doing.  But I pressed on, knowing that Pete was out there still flying with little to no problems.  I didn't want to be a pansy.

But it sucked.  And it wasn't getting any better.  The turbulence was getting stupid now.  I tried to finish two more lines.  I was able to get the eastern lines completed with the gear and flaps down, but I hated doing it!  But eventually, the turbulence was just getting too bad.  I couldn't even get the eastern line.  I made the executive decision and called it a day.  I wasn't going to fly out in that crap anymore.

I started heading back.  Pete stayed out to finish his flight plan, wondering why I was leaving so early!  I told him to finish Line 5 of my flight plan.  And I left it at that.  If he thought I was wussing out, well, have at it!  I headed back for Grand Junction.  When I was about 35 miles out, he entered my flight plan, and he couldn't believe how turbulent it was.  I was just a'laughing.  He didn't understand how I always got the "rough" plans, but I took comfort in knowing that he knew I wasn't being a pansy.  I seriously hate that.  He was complaining about not holding altitude, about the bumps, about the difference compared to his!  I was happy about that...and still laughing.  He WAS able to finish Line 5, but he called it after that.

I was about 90 miles ahead of him, so I logged a bit less time than he did.  But it was foolish to go for any more.  I had logged a nice 3.8 hours today.  Honestly not bad.  We got a little bit more done, though not much.  These winds have just been problematic lately!

I waited for him back at the airport, trying to talk to the cute girl behind the desk!  I wasn't too successful, and I was sad about that!  But such is life.  Pete finally arrived back at the airport with 4.2 hours, and we then drove downtown for a little hippy sub shop.  My nose burned from the obscene amount of horseradish again!  ha!

We came back to the hotel, and I did the typical afternoon routine!  I pooted around on the internet, went for a run around 4:00 (95 degrees), worked out a little bit when I got back, showered, then we headed out for supper!  We did have a little change in there, though.  Basically, we both headed over to the airport to ask ALL the girls out for supper with us tonight.  When only one was there, we thought it would be creepy, so we opted not to.  We just grabbed coffee instead (I never drank it).  We ended up going back a couple of hours later to ask the same thing, but again, there was only one.  So we made small talk, trying to save face.  I'll ask 'em all tomorrow!!!

We ended up going over to Fruita for a change of pace.  We stopped at a sports bar and grill.  It was...meh.  Bitter root beer and a decent French dip.  We came back to the hotel, waited a bit, then ended up going downtown for a couple of drinks at 10:00 o'clock.  We were back in at 11:30.  I was happy about that.

The winds for tomorrow are WAY out of question.  We won't do any imaging.  It's going to be 40 knots at altitude.  Friday is iffy...we'll just have to wait and see.  And basically, I think I am screwed.  Because I flew nearly 4 hours today, I am down to 14.9 hours until my 100-hour.  It's usually a 4-day inspection, so unless I start that inspection in the next two days (I don't see this happening AT ALL), I will have to fly past June 15.  I don't know how long, but I think that's what's going to happen.  I might get an hour off my Hobbs tomorrow, then a couple on Friday and again on Saturday?  Then I'll have to fly to Denver to do a calibration field and get a hangar for the inspection.  But that is a few days away.  AND we need to swing the gear with equipment only available Monday-Friday.  So I think the SOONEST the 100-hour will take place is Monday, June 14.  And it takes a few days.  And THEN I'll have to fly it the 10+ hours to Daytona Beach!!!

I just don't know.  I DO want to get as many hours as I can.  And I REALLY want to get the flight to Daytona Beach!!!  Flying across the country is easily the BEST part about this job.  I'd be disappointed if I didn't get that.  But at the same time, I really don't want to be stuck wondering when I am done.  I've been there, had that.  It's not fun.  I'm eager to get home and work on some projects already!!!  So who knows.  I just don't see many hours of flying taking place in the next few days...not enough to get me down to my 100-hour inspection anyway.  I only need 15, but the weather just isn't looking too promising.

Time will tell.  And as my Dad always says, "It will all pass."

Indeed it will.  Might as well enjoy the money, hours, and cute FBO girls while I can.  ha!  I'm making the most of it.  Trying to anyway!

Went to bed at 12:15 A.M.  Alarm is set for a late 8:30 'A.M.  Just enough to get breakfast and a scouting flight before it's too bumpy.  Supposedly, SIX DAYS.  ha!  Believe it when I see it!

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  1. Hey Andy! Just heard about your latest adventures and I must will stop at nothing (unless it's turbulence, whatever)! :) Sounds like all is well and you are enjoying life. Let me know if you're ever in the Lincoln area!