Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Row-Crop Cultivator--August 10, 2010

Woke up at 8:30 A.M.  Grabbed some breakfast, took a shower, then headed outside to clean up my mess!  I hauled a load of scrap wood over to my sister's house around 9:30 and started burning it.  I came back and loaded up the left-over lumber and some cabinets that Mom and Dad had picked up for me.  I returned the wood to Menard's (with a bunch of other stuff), grabbed a hamburger and a sweet tea at McDonald's, then took the cabinets to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore.  I dropped off a couple of TV's there, too.  Before I left, I saw where they priced the cabinet at $30.00 and one of the TV's at $5.00.  I also noticed Mom and Dad's old vanity and sink still there!  ha!  It hadn't sold yet.  I was humored.

I was hoping to pick up a ceiling fan while there, but all of them were the 42" blade-style, and frankly, the one that I currently have installed just doesn't do much.  So after MUCH searching and debate (and a couple of phone calls with Dad), I opted to pass.  I left empty-handed.  I came back home and cleaned up the yard some more.  I was going in and out of being outside, though, as it was a sultry 112 degrees.  yikes.  I organized the shed, and I'm WAY thrilled with it.  I tell ya, a good night's sleep just does something for ya.  I'll put yesterday behind me!  I put everything along the outer walls, and it really gives me some space in there.  I hung up my weed trimmer on some hooks I had had laying around for the past few years, and I love it!  The shed is really nice!

I hauled a load of garbage over to Dad's work and picked up a screw-sizing tool while there with him.  Basically, I'm trying to find screws to fit the second ceiling fan.  It didn't come with any to mount the blades.  And a set I had purchased at Menard's didn't work.  So I came back home from his work, loaded up the branches I had cut down for my shed, and headed back over to Casey and Erica's where I burned them.  Or started to.  When I pulled up, I noticed a fire truck at their neighbor's house.  I inquired about it to Boogs, but she had been sleeping and knew nothing of it.

So I called Jobu.  I guess their neighbor had been burning something illegal.  Whatever that means.  So the firemen were sent to have him put out the fire.  Fair enough.  I left the small fire of branches and started for home.  But as I was backing out of their driveway, I almost pulled out in front of a cop car!  I think I had part of my back end sticking out in the road!  There are never cars here!  Hmm.  He pulled up to the neighbor's house.  Interesting.  Must be comin' to make sure it's out.  He got out and was yielding his Billy Club!  WHAT?!

As I headed for home, I passed another police car turning in to their road.  Hmm.  I texted Boogs and let her know.  She said there were now three cars!!!  So I called her and told her that she may get in trouble for having a fire in her back yard.  "What, why"?  ha!  Perfect!  She was so innocent.  I told her to keep that exact response and she'd be fine.  But I told her to expect the police to come over since the neighbor saw me burning something, too.  I'm sure if he was getting in trouble for burning something, then he would certainly say, "Well, what about them?!" as he pointed to our pile of branches.  Erica even went and checked, and sure enough, the pile was smoking.  !!!

I hung up with her and then called Jobu again.  I asked why in the world we would have three police cars outside the house!  And he said that there was a warrant out for the guy's arrest!  Whoa!  How about that for a change of events?!  I guess they ran the guy's name after the fire truck left, and sure enough, he was wanted for something.  And then he gave me a code that ran on his screen, and sure enough, they were hauling him off to jail.  The suspect was in custody!  I just had to tell Boogs!  So I called her back and let her know, thinking she would be nervous about living next to someone like that!  She said, and I quote, "That is hilarious."  Oh boy.  I was a bit off.

But that was our fun story for the day.

I went back and grabbed another load of wood, then headed back over.  From there I went in to True Value to pick up some screws.  I ended up getting the wrong size.  The screw chart lied to me!!!  Well, it DID feel a little loose in there.  That would certainly be why.

Somewhere in the afternoon, I ended up hauling my four-wheeler back over to my parent's house (sheds are never big enough).  I also returned the screws and picked up new ones.  These fit.  I installed them on the fan, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that this fan ACTUALLY moves air!  Quite nicely, actually.  It feels great.  Unlike the other one.

All in all, it was a very productive day.  I returned the parts I didn't need, I got rid of stuff in my driveway, I cleaned up the garage some more, I organized the shed, and I got a ceiling fan to work.  I'll take it.  My aunt came by to drop something off in the evening, and we ended up making a McDonald's run together.  I got my SECOND dose of sweet tea!  yikes.

Talked to Whit again tonight, then listened to the thunder as I headed for bed at 11:45.  No rain, though.  Just thunder.  We need it so bad.

I'm hopin' to get the Man Cave all cleaned up and usable tomorrow and put the door pieces on my shed.  Then that project will be 100% complete!  If I'm feeling ambitious enough, I plan on power-washing my deck, too.  I'm hoping to have that stained by Thursday.  We'll see!

I like days like these.

Oh, one more thing!!!  I called about a farm job today.  They were looking for a full-time guy to drive tractors.  Why not?!  The conversation went like this...

"Hi, I'm calling about the job in the paper.  Do you still have that open"?

"Yes, I do."

"Good, well, are you the person to talk to"?

"I am.  Where are you from"?


"Ok, well, you need to know that the job is in Hartsburg.  Hartsburg is located..."

"My dad is from Hartsburg!"

"Your dad?  Who is that"?

I told him the name, and then he went and told me that he knows my dad and that he had four years of Ag class underneath my grandpa!  We were hitting it off!  Then...

"Have you ever adnfa;df'dajfad'fdfa'"?

"I'm sorry, what"?  I had NO idea what he had just said.

"Have you ever row-crop cultivated"?

"Oh, no, but I've planted and harvested and hauled grain to the bins."

"Nope, I need someone with more experience.  This guy needs a row-crop cultivator.  Thanks.  Bye."


"Ok, bye."

SERIOUSLY!  I was borderline offended!  As soon as he found out that I had never row-crop cultivated, he had NO interest in me AT ALL!!!  Didn't matter that I could learn in a day...didn't matter that I could fly airplanes over mountains...didn't matter that he knew my family...he needed a row-crop cultivator.  And that was it.

Well, there ya go.

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