Sunday, February 28, 2010

And It Continues!--February 27, 2010


Woke up at 7:20 A.M.  Time for the routine again!!!  But's a routine of work...which beats a routine of laziness.  I actually enjoy it.  So I ate breakfast and headed for the airport.

And today was yet ANOTHER beautiful day!  We had nothing but blue skies in all directions.  Perfect for imaging.  I flew up my plans and started at 9:15.  And I stayed there for the next few hours.  I was feeling great.  I actually had quite a bit on my mind (a girl, buying an airplane, money, and on), and it actually made the time go by so much faster.  I landed for lunch at 12:45...having finished one and a half plans by then.

I again stopped at the Lebanon-Jones airport.  And I was in time for the daily lunch!  I treated myself to a wonderful vegetable stew, a turkey sandwich, and cherry pie!  I haven't had cherry pie since I started the season!  Grandma's was my last...several months ago!  So that was wonderful.  I also heard that the FAA called that airport yesterday and said that an airplane had flown into a restricted area.  The manager didn't say anything, and that was that, but I found that interesting...

I hit the skies again...belly full.  And I stayed up there another couple of hours.  I had some crazy updrafts on departure, but I had relatively smooth air above 5000.  I was imaging at 6000.  Well, until the last 45 minutes.  On the eastern portions of our lines, I had some crazy turbulence for this altitude!  It rocked my wing, and I had a "roll error!"  I sure wasn't ready for that one.  I hadn't missed a picture the previous two days...until today!  Oh well.

I finished up that plan (three total) and then climbed to 6500 for the ferry back.  I had 85 miles to go!  Wowzers!

All in all, it was a GREAT day.  I really do enjoy working.  It sure beats not working anyway.  I flew 7.2 hours again today...for a whopping total of 27.3 hours in just 4 days.  It's fantastic.

I landed a gorgeous landing (touched down at 40) back at Branson.  The new hire was here, and I met him right as I landed.  He seems like a very likeable guy, so this should work out fine.  At the hotel, I talked to Dad who said I had more problems with the house!  I have ANOTHER water leak!!!  Agh!!!  This is crazy.  Looks like another $200 to fix.  Oh well...I knew I would have to put money into it.  I have since "fired" the previous plumber, though...he sure didn't find the leaks that he was supposed to.  Worthless.

I received the Aztec POH in the mail today, so I started studying/reading that.  Lots of stuff to know!

We headed to a restaurant with stuffed burgers (very good) for supper, and we had HILIARIOUS conversation.  But we all wanted to go out some more.

So we headed downtown.  We hit up an Irish bar, and everything was going well until some guy didn't let me play pool.  I had called the game a couple earlier with the ol' quarter routine, but he didn't want to leave.  (He had been on the table for the previous six or so games).  I told him I was up, he argued, but I still grabbed a pool cue and started to hit the cue ball.  He grabbed the ball and just stared me down about two feet away.  I waited for the punch...waited...waited.  Nothin'.  I was actually a bit disappointed.  I was so ready to fight.  I don't really fight, but tonight I was just wanting to fight.  The bouncer came over and threatened to kick me out.  I didn't care.  I was right.  So I argued right back.  I'm not sure why he didn't do it, but he never swung.  And that was probably wise.  I had seven guys that had my back.  I found out later they were wondering who was going to throw the first punch.

And I also found out that they were disappointed that I didn't at least take a punch.  They were more than eager to jump into a brawl.  Sorry I let you down, guys.  I offered myself on a silver platter!!!

We left soon thereafter, but not before the guy winked at me from across the room.  I never took my eyes off of him after that.  Bring it, buddy.  Bring it.

I really wanted to fight.

We came back to the hotel at 10:45.  Another full day of flying tomorrow.  I'm goin' to be training the new guy...I'm not too excited about not being at the higher altitudes, but it should be fun to have someone else to fly with.  I was just eager to see how long we could take this 7-hours-a-day routine!!!  I kinda wish I could continue.  Oh well.  That's how the cookie crumbles.

Went to bed at 11:15.  Later than usual!  Uh oh!

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