Monday, February 1, 2010

Plans? What Plans?--February 1, 2010

Woke up at 8:50.  Again, just in time for breakfast.  On purpose.

I was ready to go flying at 10 o'clock.  But the rest of the guys (outside of Matt) said we'd leave at 11.  Whatever.  Matt and I changed rooms to a suite, but we had some billing issues.  The hotel didn't switch our credit cards like I had requested several days ago.  Frustrating.  THEN they didn't give me the rewards points that were due me...the VERY reason for switching the credit card.  Crazy frustrating.  I really, really, really HATE it when I am told one thing only to find out another.  It really rubs me raw.  And it happens ALL the time on the road.  I hate it.  It's these small things that just poke at me...wear me down.  So frustrating.

By the time we were all ready to go, we had bad weather at our control field.  Oh, I should also mention that I had a missed phone call from 8:26 from the boss.  Because of the possible snow coverage, the control field was changed from Memphis to Hattiesburg, Mississippi.  145 miles away.  So after breakfast, I was expecting a 5-hour flight today!

Then because of this weather, it was only going to be a local scouting flight.  <sigh>

So that's what we did.  I flew up to North Little Rock again.  Hopped in, and the nice older lady made me a sandwich and gave me chips and water.  Awful nice of her.  I love these smaller airports.  Although in the same breath, I should note that a magazine on the table had this airport as one of their articles.  The airport wants to take ownerships of the hangars and raise the costs by 300%.  Growing pains.  A sign of the times, for sure.

I headed back to Adams Field.  I logged 0.5 hours.

Went to Boston's again for supper...only because it's either that or Waffle House.  The rental car was returned today...though I'm not really sure why???  Oh well.  It wasn't my decision...another "perk" of a life on the road.  Sometimes you have other people make the decisions for you.  Whatever.

So as long as we're's goin' to be those two restaurants.  Oh, and the wait was crazy long at Boston's again.  Terrible!  Give me Waffle House.  I could've eaten and been gone before I even had my food at Boston's.

Oh well.

Started my taxes tonight...I HATE doing mine.  So many issues with them.  I hate it!

Had a headache...went to bed at 11:00 P.M.  We're tryin' for Hattiesburg again tomorrow if possible.

Oh, and I have a date for tomorrow night.  Supper and Bible study.  Excited about that.

Kind of another blah day.

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