Friday, February 5, 2010

Details--February 4, 2010

Woke up at 8:50.  Grabbed some breakfast, read the newspaper.  Came back and piddled around on the internet for awhile…the other two guys were still asleep.

Today was just simple.  I called and locked in my interest rate for my house…a beautiful 4.95%.  I was pretty happy with that.  Thrilled even!  I am very pleased.

I also spent some time communicating with Dad…it turns out he is now motivated to buy a house!  Ha!  All it took was me initiating!  But he is seriously looking at a property now, too.   I’m so excited!  So I spent a lot of time just e-mailing him, doing some research for him, and trying to motivate him to pull the trigger!  I would be thrilled if he would take the plunge.  He’s been talking about it for a very long time.  I think he would enjoy it.

I also called some tax professionals.  I’m sick of doing my taxes!  I’m hopin’ to get in for around $150…that would be nice.  I never really know if I’m doing them exactly right…and it’s just nice to know it’s being done right…with someone that can maybe even find me more money!  So I’m excited about that, too.

Four of the guys went flying today, but Matt and I decided to pass.  It was overcast 600 with rain and 1 ¾ miles visibility.  No thanks.  I wouldn’t mind if it was on a trip, but I just had/have no desire to fly around in that just to do it.  Not sure why.  Just no desire.  Who knows.

Matt and I went to Waffle House for lunch and had a good talk about our families.  How our parents raised us, etc.  The more I talk about my parents, the more I realize just how I view them.  It’s a learning experience for me, too.  A bit fun…but more interesting than anything.

Ended up going to Waffle House tonight, too…the rest of the guys went to Boston’s.  I had no desire.  I ate alone and walked home in the rain.  Whatever.  Of course, I wish it was nice out, but it wasn’t.  Sometimes you just have to deal.  It was cold, too.  This job is so weird.  I have NO idea why the rental car was returned.  It’s really stupid to me.  Who else is walking in the cold rain just to be able to eat supper?  Sometimes I think stuff like that.

All in all, a pretty laid-back, simple day of details.  My house.  Dad’s maybe house.  And taxes.

Went to bed at midnight.

Tomorrow is forecasting more low clouds.  Under 1000 feet.  No flying again.

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