Thursday, February 4, 2010

Work! What's That?!--February 3, 2010


Woke up at 8:30.

Ready to go at 9:00.  I had a lil' poop, so I took it.  And the guys left without me to the airport...seemingly unnoticed I later found out.  Not goin' to lie, that was...well, a mind thinks that it may.  It was frustrating...and you really begin to wonder just who exactly is a friend...and who is nothing more than a fellow employee?  Didn't even notice I wasn't in the van?!  C'mon.  NONE of my friends back home would have missed that.  I was pretty dejected.


The van came back, and I went to the airport solo.  Hopped in my plane, and headed for the skies.  It was a very smooth day, and I was actually enjoying flying.  A nice relief.  Matt and I had expected to finish our entire project today, but with this job, you expect anything but the expected.

We finished what we could, but we had a few flight plans that still had SNOW in them!!!  Up north and on the northern slopes of the hills, we had plenty of snow still left.  We simply couldn't work any longer.  So we called it a day around 1:00.

I should mention that I had a bit of a "whoa" moment today, though.  I was flying eastbound, and Approach let me know about traffic at 10 o'clock, 7000 feet.  I looked, and sure enough, there he was.  A good 2000 feet above me.  And that's when I saw it.  In my peripheral vision, I saw an airplane just a couple hundred feet below me, less than a half-mile my 2 o'clock.  He had JUST passed right in front of me.  And I missed it because I was looking up.  I was somewhat perturbed, and I wanted badly to say, "I ALSO have the traffic 200 feet below, less than 1/2 mile," but I thought better.  It's just part of flying.  It's the "Big Sky Theory."  I have to live with it sometimes.  Fate is the Hunter.

Well, Matt and I both landed at North Little Rock, then were given a ride to Sonic for lunch.  This airport has very friendly people.

We came back and headed back for Adams Field.  After being vectored ALL over, I was given Runway 4L.  But to be honest, I loved the leisurely flying.  I loved it!  This is what flying is all about...even if I am being vectored!

Got a message from my friend from flight training today, too.  He was on his first real ride on the Lear 60.  I am so crazy excited for him...and admittedly jealous.  I looked him up on FlightAware, and he was cruising at 505 knots.  At 41,000 feet.  In aviation, the grass is always greener on the other side.  But I'm not goin' to lie...I really think I would like that!

Spent some time this afternoon chewing on what to do with my house.  Keep it for me...and take the $8000 from the government...or rent it out.  I'm honestly leaning towards the $8000!!!  It's FREE money!

Went out to eat at Boston's.  Surprise, surprise.

Hung out with the guys this evening.  Spent the night in.  We're all tossing around ideas of how to have a business in aviation.  We are madly in love with's just so expensive.  How to start?!

Went to bed at 12:30 A.M.

No flying tomorrow.  Lots of rain and low clouds.

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