Sunday, February 21, 2010

Another Day--February 20, 2010

Woke up at 8:15.  I wasn't too thrilled about that, but the other guys were moving.  I asked Matt if we were going (I was certain there would still be snow), and he said we better.  I wasn't too thrilled, but I hopped out of bed.

I flew up to my lines again, but I was right below the clouds.  Actually, the clouds were below me north of me...and south of me...but I had a little area in between them to at least get some work done.  But there was a little bit of snow left.  I looked to the southwest at where the other plans were...low clouds.  And I looked just wasn't worth taking pictures of snow if we couldn't finish the project anyway.  Might as well wait for a good day.  I headed back to Adams Field.

I logged 0.7 hours.

We went out to Whole Hog BBQ for lunch.  Good but pricey.

We came back to the hotel afterwards.  A plumber ended up calling me back and said he would be able to come out.  I agreed.  And I hoped that everything would be fine as he turned the water back on.  I sat there from 1:30 on wondering what would happen.  Mom called about 30 minutes after he arrived.  I knew that was too soon.

"It would be too easy if all went well," she said.  Crap.  What?  It turned out I had water leaking out of a wall in the main bathroom.  Wonderful.  Sigh.  Oh, the joys of owning a house.  I knew it couldn't go as planned.  I asked what the damages were, and she said it would cost $320 to fix it...and I would have a hole in the wall of my bathroom.

Wonderful.  I wasn't too thrilled.  But I knew it had to be done.  The plumber is coming back on Monday to fix it.  Because of this large water leak, though, he didn't have time to completely build up pressure in the lines.  It's possible there may be some other damage.  Oh boy.  I'm hopin' for the best.


We went to Barnes and Noble in the late afternoon where I poured over some tax books.  I've decided I need to hire a professional.  It's just too risky not to have one on my side in case I get audited...which is highly likely.  I want someone to have my back.

I watched the Olympics at night...recorded some expenses for my new house...caught up on my expenses for the season...and toyed with selling the house after I fixed it all up.  What are the advantages of keeping it?

A nice day, all in all.  We kept ourselves pretty busy.  It staves off boredom.

Oh, and I talked to Chelsea for an hour tonight right before bed.  She's stressed.  I hate seein' that.

Went to bed at 1:00 o'clock.

Won't be flying tomorrow...we have thunderstorms comin'.

I hope they put on a good show.

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