Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Day Off!!!--March 2, 2010

Woke up at 7:20 A.M.  Clouds.  I shut off the alarm and didn't move again until 8:55.  Perfect.  Headed for breakfast, and I was greeted with snow!!!  Yup, it was VERY minor, but there was a bit of snow this morning.  Crazy.

It was a pretty laid-back day.  I learned that my water saga continues in my new house.  The leak was more difficult to repair than originally the cost went from $200 to $450.  Agh, this house is killing me!  I just keep dumping money into it!  I think I'm goin' to list it for sell!  Hopefully make a quick profit.

We went out to eat at McDonald's for lunch, then headed for the airport.  Since it was a scout day, I only flew 0.4 hours.  I did two touch-and-go's.

I studied a bit more in the Aztec POH...I'm gettin' excited about it!!!  I'm gettin' more and more comfortable with the knowledge part of it, too.  It just takes time.

We went out to a bar for supper tonight and ended up stayin' for a few hours for trivia night.  I had nothing better to do, so I didn't mind.  Got home at 10:50.

Ended up going to bed just after midnight.

Tomorrow looks iffy for flying.  The forecast has skies clear here at Branson, but over by St. Louis, the clouds are supposed to be around 4500 feet.  It's goin' to be close.  Time will tell!  I should at least get two hours of scouting!!!

Oh, and I learned that I will probably be losing the 2003 plane, too.  Because of logistics for me transitioning to the Aztec, I might have to fly around a 1970's 172 for awhile!  Agh!!!

Oh well...they all fly the same.

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