Thursday, March 11, 2010

More Bumps--March 10, 2010

Woke up at 7:00.  The skies were CLEAR!!!  You have got to be kidding me!!!  I packed up real quick, then headed south.  I had two hours to get behind me!!!

I ended up getting into town at 9:15 A.M.  About an hour too late.  I quickly returned the car to Enterprise, then got a ride to the airport.  Thankfully the guys were just pulling up that time!!!  They had noticed the low "scud" clouds that morning, too....they had been burned off for awhile, but it's just hard knowin' sometimes.  I was so worried about being late, but it all worked out.  Phew!

So I hopped in the airplane and headed south.  The closest flight plan was 85 miles away.  Yikes.

And spring is officially here.

Ok, so it's not for a couple more weeks, but it might as well be.  Flying is just CRAZY.  It was so bumpy already.  I climbed to 2500 feet, but that was painful.  So I climbed to 3000 feet where we'd be flying.  Still very turbulent.  So I opted for 4500 feet.  I flew the 85 miles only to find out that I had clouds in my flight plans.  Everywhere.  <sigh>

We all landed for lunch at Farmington, Missouri.  We went downtown where we had a lovely meal of a rib-eye steak sandwich, sweet potato fries, and marshmallow dip!  It was fantastic!

I flew the very bumpy flight back up to St. Louis.  I hate this type of flying.  Updrafts, downdrafts.  Wicked kicks of the wings.  Just very unfun.  But it's going to be like this from here on out.  The earth is warming up very quickly anymore.  Spring is almost here.  Crap.

I was so tired this afternoon, so I took a two-hour nap.

We stayed inside for the free meal at the hotel again.  And I struck up a conversation with the front desk girl.  She's so cute!  I talked to her for a couple of hours...and then invited her for a walk after work!  She said no.  So I went for a walk instead.  A storm was moving in from the west, and I wanted to watch some lightning.  It was still too far off.  But it was perfect!  Probably low 60's.  So I called her and invited her again.  After a bit of convincing, she agreed.

Woo hoo!!!

We just went for a half hour.  She invited herself to go flying, and, of course, I said yes!  I'm excited about that.  Agh, I really enjoy talking to her!  So easy to do!  She jokes back with me!!!  I love it!

I had her back at 11:30.  And I ended up going to bed at 12:25 A.M.  Way too late.

The weather is lookin' good for tomorrow.  Scattered 4000.  I can't believe it.  The rain is goin' on right now.  Thunderstorms even.  But the storms are movin' in at night...leaving the days open for us to fly.  Not cool!!!  I'm goin' to bed with the sound of rain in the background...and I'm sure it will be all gone by tomorrow...

Here we go again.

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