Thursday, January 7, 2010

I Need a Break!!! January 6, 2010


Woke up at 8:00 A.M.  My alarm was going off...though for some reason, I just didn't feel like it was mine.  But sure enough, I recognized that sound.  Wow, I was moving we go again...

Did the morning routine.

Headed for the airport.  It was another beautiful skies with not a cloud to be seen!  I tell you, I just never pictured LOUISIANA as being a hot-spot for flying.  But here we are, six days into January, and I've flown every day so far!  And only one of those was a weather day!!!  Headed for the skies...

But not before I received a phone call.  It turns out my mechanic back in Daytona Beach was worried.  He couldn't sleep last night because he had lost his oil pan from his shop...the one he uses to catch oil from our airplanes.  Well, I had just had an oil change while another airplane had a 100-hour inspection.  He was positive he had left it in one of our cowlings...and he couldn't sleep because of that.  Frankly, an oil pan left in a cowling really isn't going to do that much damage, so I wasn't too worried or upset.  But I certainly looked inside the cowling for him but saw nothing.  It wasn't in my airplane anyway!!!  It did put a little thought in my head, though...not a new one.  It's always there.  My safety in the skies always comes back to my mechanics on the ground.  I am totally dependent upon them for my safety.  It's nothing short of beautiful...and a bit scary!  But I guess that is all of life.  Whether I trust an engineer to make a bridge correctly...or whether I trust a factory to make food correctly...or whether I trust a mechanic to put my aileron cables in all comes down to, "It's out of my hands."  Ah, what a feeling.  I really have no control over this life.  I realized that two years ago in Europe.

More lines.  Matt finished one plan, then headed for Texas for a control field.  I stayed here and kept flying.  I was kind of bummed that he had to leave...we are getting pretty close to finishing...and having his help today would just get us that much closer!  But the company asked him to...not much I can do.

I ended up landing at a fun lil' airport.  Its runway is just 30 feet from some water...and even has a water runway!  Pretty neat.  And on top of that, it's only 3000 feet long.  Plenty of room for a 172, but certainly different than these huge runways I've been landing on.  I enjoyed it.  I also met a nice young woman there...workin' on her CFI.  Not hot but certainly cute.  Pleasant.  I would land there later in the day...

For oil.  I promise.  Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

Oh, the second part of the day was just blah.  More lines.  I was ready to be down.  The long days, the loud noise, the lack of lunch today...I just wasn't feeling too stellar.  In the last 45 minutes, I was having a hard time focusing!!!  I would stare at everything, but I just couldn't focus.  I hate that.  I need a better routine.  I need lunch.  I had downed several small candy bar snacks at the FBO, a couple of granola bars in the sky, and two muffins that I took from the hotel this morning.  And a little Gatorade.  But it just wasn't doin' it.  I need something substantial.

Well, the window finally closed.  I actually flew one more line under the high overcast but was eager to head back.  But not before that extra stop...I mean, we DID need some oil for the 100-hours coming up.  But I had other reasons for the stop, too.  No worries, though...she wasn't there.  I was left out to dry!!!  I did buy some oil, though.

Made the short 5-mile hop over to Alexandria from Pineville.  Too funny.  I landed right behind Matt on a short final.

We went to a Chinese place for supper.  Not too good.  I need to stop eating unhealthy.  I can certainly see it in my gut.  I feel fat.  Grr.  But I downed two plates plus dessert.

I did walk three miles tonight, though, on the treadmill.  Also did some sit-ups and push-ups.  Good to do that again.  It has been WAY too long.  I feel fat!!!  I hate it!

Tomorrow is calling for 1500 overcast.  I'll take it.  I'm eager for a day off.  I've flown 26.5 hours in 6 days.  And 51.1 hours in 10 days.  It's great for the wallet...but I'm just tired.  A day outside of an airplane is fine by me.

Went to bed at 12:30 A.M.  I plan on sleeping in...

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