Monday, January 11, 2010

On the Move--January 10, 2010


Woke up at 8:00.  I was still pretty deep in sleep.  Not cool.

Headed to the airport, but not before a long 45-minute wait for a taxi.

Ended up getting on site around 10:35 this morning.  I only had four flight plans to finish up, so I wasn't too worried.  I wrapped them up around 1:25 in the afternoon.  I landed at Baton Rouge with Jeremy, and we went out and grabbed some Popeye's Chicken.  It was pretty rough around the restaurant...I don't always understand it.  It just needs to be leveled...all around.

We headed back to the airport, and Jeremy took off for Alexandria.  I waited in the FBO.  I wanted to get some more night time flying, so I had a few hours to kill.  And talk about crazy...there was a wedding going on AT the airport!!!  A man and woman were being married inside the hangar!!!  I so need to find me one of those types of wives!!!  Unbelievable!

I read a magazine, just sat there, and let the time pass by.  Finally, around 5:30-ish, I headed out the door.  The sun had set just a few minutes earlier.  I started up, taxied out, and headed for the skies at 4500 feet.  The weather was perfect.  A light headwind from the north, but amazingly beautiful skies.

I had a delightful 2-hour flight.  Just had some good time to think.  And think you do when it's night-time.  Not much radio chatter, nothin' to look at, and just you and the night.  My mind never stopped.  The first 30 minutes I was pretty tired, and even wondered if it was possible that I could fall asleep!  But I was better after that...I felt like I could fly seven hours!

I landed at Texarkana, greeted the familiar faces, and then waited for Matt to roll in.  He was 40 minutes behind.  We headed to the hotel, met Stan, then headed for Waffle House for a 9:45 supper.

Came back to the hotel and just chilled.

Found out that two of my students' dad died suddenly yesterday.  He was shoveling snow and had a heart attack.  TOTALLY unexpected.  I knew the guy, too.  Have talked to him several times.  I used to ride four-wheelers with his son.  I even have a sweatshirt of his still in my suitcase!!!  Needless to say, we hung out.  And I know his daughter really well, too.  She used to come to a lot of our youth activities.  I was pretty floored to hear it.  Just a shock all around.  50 years old.  The part that gets me is just thinking about the two kids.  It tears me up.  More than I know.  I just can't think about it too long.  It's certainly one of my biggest fears.  Their dad has a heart attack and dies.  My dad had one and lived.  But I know that it could be me different at any time.  I can't bear the thought.

I flew 6.5 hours today.

Tomorrow looks like another full day of flying.

Went to bed at midnight.

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