Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Routine--January 11, 2010

Woke up at 8:30 A.M.  So nice to be able to sleep this late.  I love it!

Had a pretty normal day.  Headed to the airport, headed for the skies, flew my lines, landed for lunch, went back up, flew some more, landed again!  I recognized some of the same areas from when we flew this project just over a month ago.  Kind of silly that we're doin' this again, but obviously someone wasn't too happy with our final product last time.  Oh well.  I still get paid to fly.

Thought about my students' dad dying again.  I started going through a list in my head of people I know that have died.  People that I have shook hands with.  Or been relatively close to.  I'm only 27 years old, but my list is fairly decent.  Grows longer and longer every year.  It just sucks.  So sad for the kids.  I can't imagine.

Went out to IHOP for supper.  At 4:45.  So early, but it works out well for us.  We land, and we're pretty hungry!  Saw some familiar faces there.  Even had the same waitress.  Don't think she remembered us at all.

Ended up doing laundry tonight.  FINALLY.  I was more than a week overdue.  My jeans more than smelled.  I was pretty glad to get that done.  They only had one washer and dryer, so it took me a few hours to get it all done, but I now have clean clothes.  Can't wait to put on fresh boxers tomorrow.

A pretty slow night.  I LOVE these shorts days.  Wake up late, fly several hours, then have the whole night free.  Perfect.  I ended up flying 5.6 hours today.  I can handle that.

Went to bed a little before midnight.  Skies look clear tomorrow...

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