Saturday, January 30, 2010

Life Just Changed--January 28, 2010


Woke up at 8:45 A.M.  Went down and grabbed some breakfast before they closed at 9.  4-9.  Seriously, who does that?!

Clouds were at 3900 feet overcast.  Matt and I can't fly.  We ended up goin' out for a scouting flight today, though.  Five of us flew up to North Little Rock...had a fun time.  At one point, we had all five of us in the traffic pattern at once...doin' touch-and-go's.  Kind of silly, I suppose, but it was fun, nonetheless.  It's a welcome change to the monotony of flying lines anyway.

We all stopped there at the new FBO where I had stopped yesterday.  A man greeted us as we walked inside, and he was just as eager as could be to find out who we were!  He had been sitting there listening to the inside radio...we were lighting it up!!!  He saw us doin' our touch-and-go's, and he was just silly about it.  Pretty fun.  They couldn't believe that a couple of our guys had made the turn at Echo!!!

Well, I grabbed some coffee from the very nice old lady again, and then we went out to visit Presley and Jim and the aircraft.  I hoped the guys would appreciate it just as much as I did, and from the looks on their faces, it was a definitely a huge success!!!  The airplane is just simply beautiful, and anyone that appreciates aviation can see that.  The guys just ate it up.  We all talked in the hangar for 25-30 minutes or so.  It was pretty enjoyable.  I LOVE general aviation!!!  Nothing compares to it.

While there in the hangar, I also received a phone call.  From my realtor.  I AM A NEW HOME OWNER!!!  It was pretty comical to me.  I heard him say it, and I just wasn't too surprised.  Not really a ton of emotion, either!  It was just like a normal phone call.  He told me something, I said ok.  Easy as that!  I guess I was ready to have it.  I just laugh at the whole situation, though.  I really just took it in stride!!!  Pretty funny.

It was nice talkin' with Jim and Presley again, though.  I like those guys.  I also took note of the fact that Presley owned a building downtown...and he now has this huge airplane.  And the thoughts of my dad are in my head, too.  "You'll never get ahead if you're always workin' for someone else."  It was just fitting that this was the day I bought my first house.

We all flew back to Little Rock Adams Field.  I had logged 0.7 hours.  Of fun flying.

We went out to eat at Waffle House for lunch.

I shared the news with Mom and Dad, and they seemed pretty excited.  About my house, not the Waffle House.  I own a home!!!  ha!  I, of course, started tweaking my money spreadsheet to see how quickly I can pay it off, I checked out other homes in Chatham to see how much to charge for rent, and I started making up a rental description.  ha!  I'm not goin' to lie, I'm havin' fun!

For supper, we went downtown to The Flying Saucer.  A nice lil' bar/ seems that a prerequisite was being ridiculously skinny and attractive...and wearing a tiny, tiny Irish kilt.  Hmm.  The world we live in.  We stayed there for a couple of hours.  Came back around 8:45.

I spent the rest of the night talking to some friends, hanging out on the internet, and I started a new book.  I'm now reading "Stick and Rudder."  In the first chapter alone, I'm already excited about the rest of it.  He makes the aerodynamics of flying so easy to understand.  In a different light than I've ever learned.  I love it.

Went to bed at midnight.

Some really nasty weather is moving in.  Supposed to be getting freezing rain.  We definitely won't be flying tomorrow.

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