Saturday, January 16, 2010

Stood Up...Again!!! January 15, 2010

So sometimes you make some mistakes in life...

Woke up at 8:50 A.M.  I was NOT awake.  But I had to get this financial situation resolved.  I called my broker, and they couldn't do anything.  Not good.  I called my bank, and they couldn't do anything.  Not good!  I had made a mistake, and I had to bear the consequences.  But I asked to be switched over to my credit card department, and because of a few credits, I was goin' to have enough to make the payment.  Phew.  It was close.  Very close.  But I was goin' to be able to do it.  I went back to bed.  Relieved!  I am incredibly good with finances, but this was just stupid!!!  Glad it worked out.

I didn't set my alarm.

I finally woke back up at 11:54.  Wow!!!  And I had some amazing dreams, too!!!  I loved 'em!  I was playin' in a Major League Baseball was so fun!!!

I took a shower.  And I was eager for food since I had missed breakfast.  I came out of the shower, and Matt said, "You won't believe it."

Without missing a beat, I said, "Skies are clear."

He nodded.  You have got to be kidding me!!!  I opened up the curtain, and sure enough, the 2500-foot clouds were nowhere to be seen.  There was a very thin overcast layer, but it wasn't what I was used to seeing.  It looked so thin!


We quickly arranged for the shuttle, had the planes pulled out, and headed for the airport.  Lunch would have to be out of my airplane today.

Arrived at the airport, fired up the cameras and airplane, and was in the skies.  I arrived on station at 1:09 in the afternoon, a full 3 hours late!!!  Agh!!!  Matt and I only 2 1/2 flight plans to finish up, but because of our stupid move, it was going to be close.

I just flew the lines.  Thinking about whether we would finish in time or not was not healthy...excuses would pop up into my head...I would try to rationalize them.  We had just messed up.  Neither one of us set an alarm, and we trusted the weather man.  STUPID moves.  Well, the lines and hours passed by, and thanks to a  high overcast layer, we were able to finish the entire project.  Phew.  I honestly wasn't sure what I was going to say if we didn't finish.  It simply wasn't an option!!!  A bullet had been dodged...just barely.  And it worked out in our favor, too, because our next project had rain develop in the we couldn't have gotten much work done there anyway.

Barely squeezed by on that one.  We'll set alarms from now on...and at least wake up and check the weather.  Yikes!

I logged 3.3 hours.

We came back and ate at Denny's, and I was pretty stinkin' hungry.  No breakfast, no lunch.  Just ONE granola bar, a few sips of apple juice, and some BBQ potato chips at altitude.  Not too nice on the tummy.  I gorged myself on a huge burger and fries....enough to completely obliterate any progression from yesterday's exercise.

I read a lot this evening.  Just powered through Sully's book.  I'm so interested in his preciseness.  His purposefulness.  His flights are serious business.  Frankly, I don't always carry myself that way.  It's pretty easy not to after flying every an easy-to-fly airplane.  It's nothing short of complacency, and I realize I need to fight it.

Got word on something exciting tonight.  Hopefully more later.

Oh, and I once again saw the gorgeous woman that I had met over a month ago here at the hotel.  I was reading my book in the lobby, and she walked right by...surprised even me.  And I usually look for and anticipate these moments!!!  We had small talk, and I asked if she would like to go out later that night.  She said she would love to.  She asked what room number I was in and let me know when she was getting off.  10 o'clock.  Perfect.

Well, I believed her.  And I didn't.  I just trust people (why shouldn't I?) and I just don't.  All in the same breath.  10 o'clock rolled by, and I waited.  Even brushed my teeth!!!  Then 10:15.  I heard what I would later swear was her so methodical footsteps.  I waited.  No knock.  10:30.  I figured I would go check.  She was gone.

I had been stood up.  For the second time.  By the same girl.  I'm not goin' to lie, I was pretty disappointed.  But yet, I literally just didn't have much emotion.  I'm so numb to it anymore.  It's just more of the same.  Really, I'm not, and I wanted to punch a wall later.  But it was short-lived.  I really really just don't expect much from people...especially women.  I am quickly learning to not trust anyone.  And it really sucks.

She couldn't even let me know.

I really have no room for that in my life.

Matt and I are relocating tomorrow.  We're headin' down to Longview, Texas.  A very short flight...under an hour.  But it looks like it's goin' to be IFR.  Forecast is for ceilings at 1000 feet.  With rain.

I'll believe it when I see it.

Went to bed at a respectable 12:15 A.M.

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