Thursday, April 1, 2010

Expect the Unexpected--March 31, 2010

Woke up at 8:05 A.M.

I quickly packed, grabbed a to-go breakfast, and called Cleveland TRACON.

I headed out to the airport and loaded all of my gear into the airplane.  I was on site around 9:45.  The weather was just absolutely perfect.  Crisp, clear skies in all directions, fantastic temps, and very little wind.  I took off with 4 knots out of the south.  I trimmed the airplane out to where it would fly hands-off.  Perfect!!!  I flew my first line, then went to the second...

And I started getting errors.  Lots of 'em.  So many that the line would not complete.  So I flew it again.  Same thing.  Then again.  Same thing.  Then again.  And the fourth try gave me the same result.  <sigh>

So I headed to another flight plan to see if it was just the lighting or what.  And I had the same exposure error.  Not good.  I restarted my rig and tried again.  Same problem.  GRRRRRRRR!  So I went in to land.  I troubleshot with my company, and they determined it was a bad camera.  Story of my life!!!

I had only logged 1.4 hours.  I literally thought I was going to fly between 8 and 12 hours today.  It just goes to show you...

Just to get away from the airport and do SOMETHING, I took the courtesy van out to eat.  I stopped at a recommended restaurant, but the prices were quite silly.  As in $8.99 for a lunch hamburger.  Yeah, um, no.  I literally sat down, grabbed a water, checked the menu, then walked out after saying I didn't want to spend over $10 on lunch.  True story.  I went to Subway and grabbed a hearty sub, chips, and a sweet tea for $5.08.  TOTAL.

I went back to the airport, read a little bit, unpacked my plane, and waited for my shuttle ride to pick me up at 2:00.

And that was pretty much my day.  Oh the joys.

I have logged 18.9 hours in the Aztec so far this month.  I'll take it, but it's bittersweet knowing that that number COULD be closer to 30-40 if I had good weather and a camera that worked today!  Oh well...such is the nature of the beast.  I still can't complain.

I talked to Jennifer for quite awhile this afternoon...and then spent about 20 minutes trying to get my zipper to open on my suitcase.  It may have been 30.  Needless to say, I think she's on her last leg.  I had so hoped it would make it to the end of the season!!!  I don't want to have to buy one on the road when I have perfectly good ones sitting at home!!!  We'll see how she fares.

I went for a run today, too.  The temps were in the 60's, so I took advantage of that.  It was quite painful but good at the same time.  I need to get back into some type of routine with that.  The rest of the day/evening was just a wash.  I sat around most of the night...goin' back and forth between the internet and the TV.  Not exactly what I want to be doing.  I did, however, have my parents get my house in order back home...buying the necessary items for my new roommate tomorrow.  I sure hope all of this comes together!

Went to bed at 12:15 A.M.  I have to wait for my new camera to come in tomorrow morning, so I don't think I'll be in the skies much before noon.  And I'm just hopin' everything goes well and I can still finish in two more days.

But again...time will tell.

Alarm set for 8:30.

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