Saturday, April 24, 2010

I Think Flying Is Over--April 23, 2010

Woke up at 9:00 A.M. to my boss's phone ringing.  <sigh>  And all was not good.  I was so unbelievably tired even at the moment I opened my eyes.  I hate that.  I tried to fall back asleep, but I simply could not.  Well, at least I wasn't given time to.  I had to deliver my keys over to the airport so that our head company's employee could check out my camera installation from last week.  GRR.

And oh the weather!!!  Quite unbelievable.  I walked over in constant (cold) rain and ice pellets.  It was miserable.  I was walking right into it, too.  Not how I had planned on starting out my day.  I think it was around 39 degrees.  What happened to the 70's from last week?!?!  Needless to say, I was soaked when I walked into the FBO.  I was locked out from the hangar, too (it required a code that I didn't have), but I knocked loud enough.  Finally.  I was so wet!

I ended up walking back in the same crap, but at least the wind was behind me.  Ugh.  I dropped into breakfast after that.  Obviously no flying today.

The day was pretty simple.  We went out to Quizno's for lunch, and then Nini and I spent most of the afternoon picking up Pete from the airport.    We were bored in the hotel, so we left a bit early, and we ended up getting there over an hour early!  ha!  We parked in the waiting lot for about 10 minutes and made some calls on some airplanes, but we were bored of that, too.  So I went driving to waste some time.  Ended up out on some country roads east of the airport.  I loved it!  We picked Pete up and then headed back for the hotel.  And I was just feeling TERRIBLE.  Completely out of it.  Not sure what was goin' on, but I blamed it on being tired.  I was just completely and totally BLAH.

Tammi and Brad invited us all out for supper, so we all went out to a restaurant for that.  That was fun.  We came back to the hotel and ended up playin' several games of pool with everyone.  I was still pretty wired after that, so at 10:00 P.M., I decided to work out again (two days in a row!).  I ran for a mile (didn't want to push it) and then walked for 1/2 mile.  I headed up to the room after that, and I checked to see if I was paid today.  And much to my surprise, I also had my tax credit in there, as well.  And just like that, I had reached one of the biggest goals in my life.  More than two years early.  I let out a scream and then honestly and legitimately wondered, "What in the hell do I do now"?  And much to my regret, I had informed my roommate of my goal just a couple of days earlier (while talking about our lives and how young we were and what we were already doing with our lives).  He asked about something tonight, and I told him I had met a goal.  But he asked if it was the one I had told him about!!!  I couldn't lie...agh!  I didn't like that!  I like keeping it a secret.  <sigh>  Oh well.  I HAD MET A HUGE GOAL OF MY LIFE!!!  AT 27 YEARS OLD!!!

I was still wired, so I walked over to the FBO in the freezing cold to get a car (the rental one was out with two of the guys).  I ended up droppin' in on a bar to people watch.  I didn't even order a thing.  It was pretty lame, though.  Watchin' other people trying to get with other people is pretty stupid.

Ended up comin' back to the hotel at 12:45 A.M.  In bed at 1:00.  Tomorrow is lookin' terrible again.

Another 0.0 hours today.  Surprise, surprise...

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