Monday, April 12, 2010

Here We Go Again!!!--April 10, 2010


Woke up at 8:00 A.M.  Opened up the curtains...couldn't believe it.  The skies were clear.  Where were these clouds at 3000 and 8000?!  I was devastated.  I certainly had NOT planned on havin' a full day today.  I tried to pick up my motivation, but I was strugglin'.

I went through the routine, made the phone calls, and pushed myself over to the airport.  I drank coffee on the way.  Clouds had actually popped up by this time, and they appeared to be a bit lower, but the reporting stations up north were still callin' clear.  I had to go.

I have a problem, too.  The middle part of my nose...the part between the two unbelievably raw from the cannula.  It is SO painful on the inside of my nostrils.  My skin has even raised itself and started's a very bright red, too.  It's not enjoyable.  But I have to use the oxygen.  So I stuck the plastic back in my nose, right on the raw part.  It was not pleasant at all.

I hit the skies and flew the 70 or so miles to my location.  Sure enough, there were some clouds, but they were not in my flight plans.  At least not these.  I started imaging.  I finished up a flight plan and moved up north...but there WERE clouds up there in those plans, so I moved to another.  And there I hung out for the next few hours.  It was a bit on the bumpy side today but nothing too extreme.  Thankfully, though, the clouds started droopin' down in the early afternoon.  Oddly enough, I had clouds doin' that to my north, west, and south!  But I was clear where I was takin' pictures!  Funny how that works.  But I finished up those plans and tried to move to another...and the clouds were there.

I eagerly descended and headed back for Centennial!!!  I had logged 4.1 hours...but I had completed a respectable three plans today.

I came back to the hotel, made some phone calls, and learned that I would be going to the Rockies game with Ryne tonight.  Sweet action.  I walked back over to the airport, grabbed the courtesy car, went out for some late lunch (3:00 P.M.), and then came back to the hotel and tried to sleep.  I was so close to goin' under when Ryne called and said he was leaving Colorado Springs.  <sigh>  Very well.  I tried to go back asleep before he got here, but I didn't really get anything.  Just a lull in mental activity.

He showed up, and I tried to bring myself out of the daze.  I threw on some clothes, and we hit the road for the 6:10 game.  We showed up about 15 minutes before the game, but we had a 45-minute wait outside of Will Call for our tickets!  The line was CRAZY.  Stupid, really.  But oh well.  What else would I be doin'?!  (Sleeping).

We finally got our tickets and made it in at the bottom of the 3rd inning.  They were playin' the Padres.  The weather was fantastic, but as soon as the sun set, the temps dropped quickly.  We enjoyed our six innings...and then some!  The game went into extra innings, and I was ready to go by the 12th.  I told Ryne I had to work tomorrow.  He said if no one scores by the 13th, then we could head out.  And sure enough, the game was still tied 4-4 at the end of the 13th.  We were out of there.

I do have to share a funny story, though.  In the top of the 7th inning, a guy that was sitting two seats down from me leans over and says, "Hey, do you have any chew"?  Of course, I respond with a "Nope, sorry."  And then he says, "Oh, sorry.  You just look like a guy that would have some chew."  WHAT?!  ha!!!  Ryne and I had a GREAT laugh out of that.  Talk about profiling.  A guy grows a beard, and all of a sudden, he does chew.  I guess I missed that memo!  It was pretty stinkin' funny, though.

I made it home around 11:00, and I was in bed by 11:10.  I was so unbelievably tired.  So much so that I knew I couldn't function properly if I woke up early.  So I banked on the forecast of fog in the morning, and I set my alarm for 9:00.  Anything before that, and I would probably be dangerous in the sky.

I am just so unbelievably tired.

C'mon, clouds.  I know they won't happen, though.  The forecast is for skies clear by 11:00.  Once the fog lifts, it's a full day's worth of work...

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