Friday, April 30, 2010

The 100-Hour Continues--April 29, 2010

Woke up at 8:14 A.M. to my alarm.  Sort of.  I woke up but not so much WOKE up.  I looked at my phone, and I noticed a message from my mom.  She said my sister was heading to the hospital...that today might be the day!  How about that.  I dozed off again.  I was in and out until 8:45 when I got up.  I wasn't sure if I really read that message that I thought I read, but sure enough, it was still there.  Sent at 7:15 Central time.  I might be an uncle by the end of the day!

I grabbed some breakfast, showered, then headed over to the airport.  I was runnin' late, and I knew I had my DATE (we're callin' it a shindig) comin' up, so I wanted to ast least make an appearance before I left!  But I had a lot to do first...I had to get all of my reeipts from the last month in order...and that was a bear.  The desk ladies were havin' a bit of a problem with that...but I had fun with them.  FINALLY, I got everything squared away (just as a side note, I spent around $4500 in just 23 days of being here at THIS airport...this doesn't include the flights up to Wyoming or over to Nebrasksa).  I don't think I could fly if I didn't get paid for it.  While at the desk, Kristina called right at 10:00 like she said she would, and she was on her way!  ha!  I hurried out to the hangar, told Danny I would be MIA for a few hours, then hurried back to the FBO!

She pulled up, and I hopped inside!  She is so gorgeous.  I had her swing me over to the hotel real quick to pick up the rest of my receipts (I felt terrible for doin' that, but I was runnin' so far behind).  FINALLY, I said I was nothing but hers!  We went downtown to the big REI store, and we just walked and talked.  I loved it.  We sat in front of the fireplace for quite awhile and talked some more.  She shared her stories, I shared was so much fun.  We then went on a lil' walk outside, and I loved it even more!  We both have interesting lives...but we have so many similarities.  It's crazy...I could never tell her this, but I was just asking where she was 10 years ago.  I mean, she is beautiful, fun, smart, attractive, adventuresome, and on and on and on.  She's not perfect, but I really find her attractive all around!  It's...well, it's frustrating to me...that I can't really do anything with it.  I knew it beforehand, and I think she knows, too, but I certainly enjoy getting to know her.  She's just a precious woman...someone special.

We headed to Spicy Pickle for lunch, and we talked some more!!!  I was so surprised to see the time fly by.  But I really, really enjoyed the time with her.  I really hope I can help her to trust in guys again...and she doesn't know it, but she has given me renewed hope in finding someone special.  She definitely is a good catch...I don't know how to go about finding those, but it was just a much-needed reminder for me.

What a beautiful woman.

She dropped me back off at the hotel, and I walked over to the airport to help Danny.  I was over there at 2:45, and I didn't leave until 7:30.  Nearly the entire time was spent re-paneling the airplane.  And let me tell you, I was NOT having a good time.  I tried having a good attitude about it, but I just didn't want to be there.  Some screws weren't goin' in right, and that didn't help out the situation.  I found myself sighing again and the point of me being surprised that I was doing so!  I would only notice it AFTER I had just done it...I was frustrated.  And I was tired.  And I was just jaded.  I was so ready to go, but our mechanic wanted to do more...he even brought out hose to clean the engines.  I couldn't believe it!!!  GET ME OUTTA HERE!!!  I stayed until he left as good measure, but my heart and mind were anything but there.

I wanted to be alone for the night, so I took the car and headed out for 7:50 P.M.  I didn't eat until after 8:00.  Today didn't really help out my cause for aviation.  I tell ya, I'm just so JADED with my job right now.  It has reared its big ugly head the past couple of weeks, and I just can't shake it.  Everything is just rubbing me raw...being asked to do a flight deep into the night, flying through nasty turbulence again and again, having the season extended, not knowing when the season is over, and now doing a job I didn't sign up for.  I'm just...jaded.  I'm just down on this job right now.

But I don't know where to go, what to do, how to get there.  I really want to fly for an airline, but how?  I've applied time and time again.  It didn't help that tonight I saw a class canceled for one of the popular freight carriers.  If this economy is really turning around, then why this?  I'm trying to keep my hopes up...

But today, if you asked me...I'd take a job outside of aviation, a house, a dog, a wife, a church, and friends.  I can't really describe the feelings of going out to eat alone and watching other people interact.  I'm a nobody.  Nobody knows me.

I never thought I'd say it.  I never ever thought I would.  But I'm just ready for a good wife.  A solid job that I can enjoy (that was one of the conversations Kristina and I talked about...she LOVES her job...I couldn't say the same).  Stability.  GOOD friends.  And just contentment.  I hope I find all of that.

And I'm not so sure I won't end up in Denver to find it.  It's growin' on me.  Lots to do, mountains, good-lookin' girls, and maybe plenty of opportunities.  We'll see.  If I had it my way, I'd ask out one of the girls behind the FBO desk...I really, really like her.  I think.

Oh, this job.

In other news, I found out I am an uncle!!!  Micaiah popped out at 6:02 Mountain time.  What a relief.  I've honestly been terrified of this whole birthing thing...even thinking about it EARLY this morning.  I was just way nervous...not knowin' how it would all end up.  But I have a beautiful, healthy niece.  And I couldn't be more thrilled.

And actually, it made me realize something else.  I'm successful.  I've met some pretty big goals early in life.  And ya know what?  I don't think anyone cares.  And then my sister pops out a kid, and everyone is enthralled.  Frankly, I'm not sayin' they shouldn't be!  It was just one of those "Aha!" moments.  I've got money...but Micaiah stole the show.  It just really solidified this whole day for me.  An interesting job, crazy stories, and plenty of cash...

None of that compares to people.

I need people in my life.  GOOD, dependable, trustworthy people.  Friends.  A wife.  Maybe a kid.

Went to bed at 11:15...wonderin' what in the world I'm doin' with my life.  But for good measure.

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