Tuesday, April 6, 2010

To Denver--April 5, 2010


Woke up at 8:45 on my own.  Alarm was set for 9:00.

Grabbed some breakfast, then packed up.  I headed to the airport and said goodbye to the old 1984 piece of crap.  Good riddance.  But if you want a car with character, well, there she be.  McCook, Nebraska.

I printed off the maps that I needed for my flight plans, then pointed myself in the direction of Denver.  I didn’t have any local aviation charts, and I couldn’t raise up the last approach from last night that took me to McCook.  So I called up FlightWatch and requested some help.  He was more than happy.

He also said to be aware of Airmet Tango for turbulence in the Denver area.  Yeah, I had already noticed that myself.  Winds were forecast to be at 65 knots at 15,000 feet…exactly where I needed to be to be taking pictures.  Over mountains?  Yeah, um, no thanks.

I flew the long, boring flight to Denver…and I was still burned out.  I had woken up with a minor headache, so I kept drinking water to try to help that.  But I just didn’t want to be flying.  Yesterday just took it out of me.

But I forged on.

The flight was relatively painless…and I dropped in at Centennial Airport in Denver.  I had clouds in my target areas anyway, so I didn’t even have to mess with the winds.  I taxied up and started the unwelcome arrangements for getting housing and a car.  I went with the DoubleTree Inn and Suites by Hilton…actually, that was the ONLY reason for choosing this airport.  They offered me the cheapest rate of anyone.  All the others wanted $112/night.  NO THANKS.

I dropped my bags off in my room (and a very nice one at that), then walked over to Subway for lunch.  And I basically just took the entire day for myself.  I was incredibly lazy, spending most of it laying in bed underneath the blankets!!!  Oh, how I loved it!

I ate at the hotel restaurant for supper and spent the night watching the NCAA Championship game while talking with Jennifer.  I wasn’t happy with the outcome, but it was a great game to watch.

Finally went to bed at 11:00 P.M.  The winds are lookin’ favorable around 11:00 A.M., but now it looks like I’ll have clouds in my way.  Always something.

That’s ok.  Right now, I really don’t care to see the inside of an airplane.  I have 25 hours in 5 days.  That’s plenty enough for me.

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