Saturday, April 17, 2010

Bumpy, Bumpy, Bumpy--April 15, 2010

Woke up at 10:22 A.M.  It was pretty comical, too.  I looked at the clock and just smiled.  I had been wanting to sleep in for awhile...and it finally happened!!!  I couldn't believe it!  Before this, I had been waking up on my own before my I was thrilled to death!

I opened up the curtain and cursed the day I was born.  "You have got to be kidding me."  The words literally came out of my mouth.  The skies looked great.  Not a low cloud anywhere but way to the east.  No 2000, 5000, 8000 scattered.  <sigh>  I had to fly.

I called up the airport, threw on some clothes, and headed over to fly.  As I was pre-flighting the airplane, I saw the low clouds poppin' up.  Several of them.  Phew.  They ARE going to happen after all.  They were actually poppin' up all over.  I actually even debated about going out there then, so I walked back in the FBO and checked the weather.  Hmm.  The reporting stations up north were still reporting clear.  <sigh>  Maybe I would have to still work after all.

So off I went.

I flew up towards one of the flight plans, but there actually were clouds in the way...about 9000 feet MSL.  So I headed to another plan.  And sure enough, it was clear.  I was at 11,500 MSL.  And I started.  The remaining lower plans are all over the mountains, though, and I struggled with the turbulence again.  I was just below the clouds to the west and just above the aggressive slopes.  It was NASTY.  I was able to last three lines...just three lines...before I called it a day.  I headed on back in to Centennial.  And it was so turbulent on the way down, too.

I debated whether to go up to 15,000, but I was just so frustrated already.  I didn't have my oxygen on, and so  I headed back for the airport.  I toyed with going back up to the higher altitudes after putting on the oxygen, but I decided against it.  I was done.

I learned that my boss was on his way out from Philadelphia, so I watched him on FlightAware on the way out.  I texted him several times in regards to weather along the route!  ha!

I went out for BBQ for supper, and I ended up stayin' in the hotel for the night.  He showed up around 11:10 P.M., and I stayed up talking to him until around 12:30 A.M.  Way too late for me!  But it's lookin' like bad weather tomorrow, so I"m excited about that.

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