Friday, April 2, 2010

Almost There--April 2, 2010

Woke up at 7:45.  Breakfast, then headed for the airport at 8:30.

I was right on time this morning, having arrived on station right at 9:30 in the sky.  Perfect.  I flew an eastern line, but I was doing 150 knots across the ground...way too fast for the pictures.  So I moved to my north-south lines.  And there I sat for the next several hours!  North, south, north, south.

I wasn't feelin' completely up to par, though, and I'm not sure why.  I had woken up with a red eye, and during the flight, my eyes were just burning.  Like crazy.  I would blink and have no water for was not fun at all.  But I just pushed through it...even now, several hours later, my eye is still messed up.  I think I have some type of bacterial infection or something in's just red and crusty!  Yuck!

I flew as long as I could...the bumps started at 11:00 A.M.  Way too early for my liking.  But I kept going...for another couple of hours.  I flew until 1:30 when it was just gettin' kind of crazy.  The temperature was supposed to get to 80 degrees today...and it was warming up quick.  I still love the twin over the 172, though.  It's night and day in how it handles turbulence, but it was still rather annoying.

All told, I flew 4.5 hours today.  And I'm down to just 1 1/2 flight plans left...just a little over two hours.  I kept on countin' down the lines today, making sure I could get this finished tomorrow...even though it was rather bumpy, I kept on going.  I absolutely had to make sure that I would finish this project!  We have a storm system moving its way in tomorrow, and I just can't bear the thought of staying another day!!!

I headed to Subway for lunch with the courtesy car around 2:00 P.M.

Then I waited on the shuttle and headed back to the hotel.  I started planning my flight to Iowa for tomorrow.  I'm always nervous when I think I'll finish a project, as a whole host of things can happen.  Weather, airplane problems, computer problems, camera problems, TRACON problems, and on and on.  But IF I do get to fly on to my next project, I want to be ready.  But as I was doing that, I received a phone call from my boss.  I was literally talking to an FBO in Iowa when he called.

"Hey, you're going to Denver."

ha!  Just like that.  So the Iowa plans were scrubbed.  Denver it is!  Wow!  So I looked at what that would take.  Basically, it's going to require me pushing through a rain/storm system tomorrow morning after I finish the project (which I hope I do!!!).  It's more than 1000 miles...around 8 hours if I am able to cruise at 135 knots.  We'll just see.  Needless to say, if all goes well, it is going to be a looooooooooooong day tomorrow.

But I'm ready for it.  I'm ready to head out west.

Two more flight plans.  Fuel, lunch.  And hopefully a fuel stop at home to see Mom and Dad and a new friend (yes, it's a girl).  I gave them the warning already.  It just depends on whether or not I can push straight through that storm system.  But it's then another five hours past that!  What a day.

I am so ready.  Went to bed at 11:30.

Happy Good Friday.

I walked over to Applebee's for supper around 6:00.

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