Friday, April 30, 2010

The 100-Hour Begins...--April 28, 2010

Woke up at 8:00 and did the typical morning routine.  I had overheard phone conversations from earlier about NOT going flying due to the winds.  I was thrilled to death.  I've been up in some windy stuff here, and you just don't mess with it.  It's nasty stuff here!

After I got ready, I headed over to the airport to help out Danny who flew in late last night.  He's starting the 100-hour today.  The first thing we did was taxi over to another hangar to swing the gear.  Basically, Danny inspected the gear while I manually pumped it from inside.  It was actually nice to do it case I ever have to do it in real life!  It's nice to know what to expect.  That only lasted around a half hour...pretty simple.  I taxied back over, and I started de-paneling the airplane.  I had a little bit of help, so that was nice...but I'll be the first to say that I am ABSOLUTELY HATE 100-hours.  I mean, I passionately hate them.  And turning screws wasn't really high on my priority list.

But I actually got out of much of it due to my own mistake.  I had found a hangar for us to do the inspection, but I forgot to see if they had any compressed air.  They didn't.  So I had to tag along as the owner went and bought an air compressor...he wasn't too thrilled with me, and I legitimately felt bad, but I guess that's the cost of doin' business.  I grabbed a quick McDonald's on the way back and ended up eating it in the hangar as I helped out some more.

I spent the entire afternoon inside, helpin' and watchin'.  The weather outside was pretty crazy...unbelievably windy.  We had talked about going scouting today, but I'm so glad we didn't.  At one point I checked the weather, and the winds were 29 knots gusting to 40.  NO THANKS.  I talked to a couple of pilots who came in, and they confirmed the report, saying their airspeed indicator was just a'movin' on the way in.  He said he normally wouldn't fly in this weather, but he had a client!  ha!  Oh, and they were in a Westwind jet!

I ended up staying until about 5:00 o'clock.  And then I made the move to retire.  I was tired.  I wasn't doin' much anymore, and I wanted to do anything but be in a hangar doing a 100-hour inspection.  So I headed back to the hotel.

We all ended up goin' out to eat at a restaurant we had tried with Tammi and Brad last week.  I wasn't too thrilled about it, as I was quite literally disgusted by the menu selection last time.  It's nothing but crazy-calorie burgers and such.  To the point of looking gross to me.  So I opted for the chicken sandwich...still pretty unhealthy but cheaper and healthiER.

We headed back to the hotel, and I spent most of the night in the bar.  Frankly, I was just in a funk.  I wasn't too thrilled.  I was having terrible games of pool, but it went much deeper than that.  I was tired of being judged.  One of the (attractive) girls from the hotel was there, and I was just a nobody.  I'm not sure I ever get used to that.  But I watched her hit on some guy (an NFL player, nonetheless), and all I could think about was the girl he had in here last week.  I was sickened to the point of feeling physically unhealthy.  I hated it.  I almost said something to him, but I just stayed way out of it.  But I was just...sad.  So much so that Jensen (back in from vacation last night) AND the hotel bartender asked me what was wrong.  But I just sat there mostly silent...not too thrilled about anything.

I retired to the room and was going to go to bed early, but I ended up finding someone online.  I talked to her for about an hour, and we set up a time to do something tomorrow!!!  I'm pretty excited about that.  Actually, I'm real excited.  I went from down in the dumps to eager.  I'll take it.

Another 0.0 today.  Granted, I'm havin' the 100-hour done on it, but it's not like I could've done any flying anyway.

Went to bed at midnight.  Much later than expected, but a girl will do that to ya.

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