Saturday, May 15, 2010

And Another--May 14, 2010

Woke up at 12:11 P.M.  Yup.  I don't even know how I did it.  My alarm was set for 9:15, and I just slept right through it.  I NEVER do that.  But I slept another THREE hours past it.  Yikes.  I guess I was tired.

Shortly after waking up, I learned that Pete had been asked to relocate to Utah.  Basically, we aren't getting ANYTHING done here on this project, so he is going over there to scout it out (and work!).  But he couldn't leave today due to weather.  Rain between here and there...and cold.  Not a good combination.  But I'll be interested to see we all end up in the next couple of weeks.  It's going to be reaaaaaaaaaaaal interesting.  For lunch, we headed to the amazing lil' Greek restaurant that I found from a couple of days ago.  The waiter recognized me, and the food was just as good as last time.  No disappointments at all.  It's one of my favorite restaurants now!  The lamb is SO good!

We came back to the hotel after that, and I ended up applying to an airline today.  I had applied to it last year as well, but I never heard anything back.  It's a sad story but an accurate look into the airline industry.  The minimums last year were 600 TT and 50 multi.  They shot up to 1500 TT and 500 multi.  As of right now, they are sitting at 1000 TT and 200 multi.  I had applied on May 4 when I had 190 multi hours, but I talked to the recruiter personally today.  She highly advised that I update my resume, even though it's only an additional 13 hours.  But that's what I did.  She asked a little bit about me yesterday when I called, so hopefully that pans out.  It's my dream job.  I went into aviation to fly people around.  But we'll see what happens.  I'm cautiously optimistic.

I went to Panera late this afternoon for coffee and my book.  I ended up finishing the biography of Howard Hughes.  Everything ended up coming down to surprise there.  But it's a healthy lesson to pocket somewhere in my brain.

I came back, and the guys wanted to go to see Robin Hood.  I wasn't feelin' like droppin' that much money on a movie, so I opted to hang out with my friend from a couple of nights ago.  We started to watch a movie at her house, but ended up talkin'.

I was back at 1:20 A.M. and in bed by 1:40.  I'm pretty tired.

I won't be flying tomorrow, though...more rain and thunderstorms.  What a life.  It looks like Pete will be another day, too.  ha.  What a crazy life.

Another 0.0 on the books.  I'm still at just under 15 hours for the month...14 days into it.  Oh boy.

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