Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Poorly-Groomed Groomsman--May 21, 2010

Woke up at 8:30.  Ate a granola bar for breakfast, then headed outside.  I started up Schneider’s lawnmower, and it ran perfect.  I guess the spark plug cleaning from late last night did the trick.  And that’s pretty logical…that spark plug was so carboned over.  I tried it a few times, and every time, the mower ran great!  I called him to come pick it up.

Then I started up my hedge trimmer that I bought last year.  It doesn’t run perfect, but it allowed me to finish shavin’ the bush out front.  The bush is quite a bit smaller and actually looks like heck right now, but once it turns green again, it should be fine.  Then I headed over to Dad’s work to pick up pruning shears and a chainsaw for the trees in the front and back yards.  And on my way, I saw some garage sales, so I hit those up on the way back.

I was pretty disappointed to see a woman walking away from one with a nice, large bird feeder!!!  Agh!  I did end up buying a bird house, though.  I called up Boogs, and she came out with Micaiah.  It started to rain, and we only went to six sales before we called it a day.  But it was fun.  I headed back home and tried out the shears…the trees were just way too wet.  They weren’t cutting at all.  I had a guy come by and take a look at my gas hedge trimmer.  I had it listed on craigslist, and he wanted to check it out.  I had it listed for $75, but since it didn’t run right, I offered him a steal at $35.  Frankly, I was just glad to see it go!  I had tried selling it last year, too.  I had paid $15 for it not running, and I had to put a $2.00 part in it.  So I certainly wasn’t out any money, but I was glad to see it go.

Buuuuuuuuuuuuuut, I needed some trimmers, so I went back to the garage sales where I had seen some, and wouldn’t ya know it, the guy in the garage with me was buying them!!!  This is crazy, I thought.  Just my luck.  But there were two for sale, so I went with the older, smaller one.  They were only $5, so I couldn’t complain too much.  I also bought a three-foot level and an electric leaf blower, too.  $10 total.  I’ll take it.  I stopped by McDonald’s on the way back home for a quick lunch.  I love my house’s location!

After eating, I headed back to the house and tried out the electric hedge trimmers.  Perfect!  I trimmed another bush, then moved to the backyard!  I have so much work to do!  I tried trimming the weeping willow with the hand shears, but it was just too much, so I took the electric trimmer to it.  Perfect!  Of course, I had a mess in the yard now, but I’ll pick it up when I come back from the wedding.  And it WAS getting about that time, too.

So I finally showered for the day, then headed over to Dad’s work yet again.  I had to find out where I was picking up my tux, where I was going for the wedding, AND check to see if I money in my bank account!  I just had a haunting feeling that I didn’t have too much!  (I was right).  I borrowed some money from Dad, then headed to pick up my tux.

And that’s when I started having problems.  I haven’t driven my truck in town yet, and frankly, there should be no reason why I shouldn’t, but it started acting up again.  BAD.  Every time I down-shifted or came to a stop, my truck would die.  I couldn’t even sit at a stoplight!!!  I would have to wait for it to turn green, then hurry up and start it, and go!!!  It was NOT good.  I have no idea exactly how many times it died on me in the short 10-mile drive, but I would guess double digits.  It was just bad.  I was pretty dejected!

But I grabbed my tux from the mall and headed over to Wal-Mart.  It died on the way there, too!  I bought some Sea Foam to see if this would help out.  But I had a dilemma.  I had a two-hour trip to go on, and my truck was dying constantly.  I had no question in my mind that it would make it there and back, but it’s just that I wanted the mechanic to get a weekend with it!!!  So I called up Dad, and he said he would meet me at the mechanic’s house.  It was now 3:40 in the afternoon.  I needed to leave 20 minutes ago!

But I drove it over there (not wanting Dad to drive it through town as he had originally suggested), and Dad met me.  He then drove back to his work where I then took the car and headed east.  I knew I was going to be late, but I wasn’t really planning on this one!

And sure enough, I WAS LATE!  Mega-late!  I ended up getting lost about 10 miles out, so that didn’t help anything.  I was in the back country, too.  Gravel roads.  Water on the road.  Paralleling the river.  It was nuts.  I finally arrived at 6:15, just 45 minutes late.  <sigh>

Well, we did the rehearsal, then went out to eat.  And I was surprised at what I had just forgotten about.  The table just listened as I told stories.  They were mesmerized.  I haven’t had people like that in ages.  Months?  Over a year?  But they just kept asking for them.  One of the girls I met said I should post these online…or write a book.  I haven’t heard that in sooooooooooooo long!!!  It felt…different…but good all at the same time.

I just relished the times of being back with friends again.  It was pretty nice.

What was also nice was that we ended up scoring a free house that night, too.  One of my friend’s girlfriend’s aunt was taking care of an OLD house, and she said we could stay there.  I wasn’t really prepared for what it was, though!  I mean, this house was OLD.  It says “circa 1910” out front, but it just looked older than that.  Hardwood EVERYWHERE.  Gorgeous paint on the ceilings, designs everywhere, wallpaper everywhere!  It was a dream house.  It just solidified my love for old houses.  I want to own/restore one or several.  I am in love with them.  They just don’t make them like they used to.  A comparable house with that same quality today would be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars if not more.  I just don’t get how they did it with bare hands and horses.  It seriously blows me away.

We went to the hotel where the other guys were and ended up hanging out there for a couple of hours.  Lots of alcohol and smoking.  I didn’t partake in either outside of a drink down at the bar.  It’s just crazy, really.  I don’t get all of that.  I was even given a flask as my wedding gift.  Don’t think I’ll ever be using that one.  I am so out of place.

We headed back to the haunted house, and I ended up sleeping with Paul in one of the bedrooms.  We refused to sleep alone for fear of being murdered…it was just one of those houses!  I ended up falling asleep at 1:00.

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