Sunday, May 16, 2010

And Yet Another--May 15, 2010

Woke up at 10:08.  I had my alarm go off at 9:15, but I just wasn't feelin' that.  Slept in yet again.

Didn't do a whole lot this morning.  We ended up going to IHOP for lunch...or breakfast...however you look at it.  I had breakfast anyway.  Loved it!

We came back to the hotel, and we spent most of the afternoon inside.  Basically, we each almost went insane.  We were yelling back and forth to each other..."FIND SOMETHING!!!"  We were just bored out of our minds.  Unbelievably bored.  We tossed out museums, the zoo, shows, movies, but nothing sounded appealing.  So we just screamed some more.

This is Day 5 without flying.  ZERO hours.  It's ridiculous.  The other guys didn't want to scout again today, so I had to agree with them.  <sigh>  It's frustrating sometimes.  I mean, even if I only got 0.7 hours, it's still another hour, and a multi hour at that!  It's extra money, AND it gets me out of the hotel!!!  It's just a no-brainer to me.  Not EVERY day, no way.  But I would've been happy with at least two of the last five.  <sigh>  Such is the life of living with others on the road.  It's give and take.

Around 4:00, we decided to head to Buffalo Wild Wings just to get out of the hotel.  I wasn't too hungry, but it was something to do.  We stayed there until 7:00.  I enjoyed it for awhile, as we played Texas Hold 'Em and the trivia (and ate, of course), but that only lasts so long.  The guys started drinking several drinks, and I just downed my sweet tea.  They were starting to get drunk even before we left...I HATE IT.  I was ready to go around 6:00.

On an interesting note, I received a call from the girl from a few days ago.  She had been pulled over with some guy, and the police told her she needed a ride home.  She called me.  Hmm.  Basically, I was too far away (45 minutes) to pick her up (the police refused to wait that long), so they were taking her to DETOX.  That was interesting.  Hmm.  It's unbelievably sad, disappointing, and just heart-breaking for me...she is just so hurt.  Lookin' for love in all the wrong places.  So sad.  I would've picked her up, too.

We came back to the hotel, and the guys continued drinking.  Lots.  They both ordered pitchers of Long Island Iced Teas...packed with 15 shots each.  I don't get it.  They were pretty lit up.  I talked to Matt for a half hour...he's done for the season.  I'm a bit a good way.  Just ready to be done.  I want another 50 hours of multi-time, but I don't want to fly to have to get that, either!!!  Agh!!!  But he's back at home in Michigan.  Lucky dog.  J came over to see me, and we played pool for awhile, but I told her I had to bed in bed by 11:00.  I did some laundry while she was here (in order to get me through 'til Tuesday), and then she left around 10:30.

The weather is lookin' way too good for tomorrow.  We had low clouds all day today with rain and thunderstorms all around, but tomorrow is just supposed to be beautiful.  The winds are forecast to be 10 knots at 15,000 feet.  And the clouds are supposed to be scattered at 8,000.

I guess we'll see.  There is a possibility that I could fly 10 hours tomorrow.  Sweet mother.

Oh, and I just learned that I will be taking Kenton up with me for the whole day in order to get him ready for the Aztec on Wednesday.  I'm not overly thrilled about that...I'm afraid of being bored the entire day without anything to do!  But I'll try to make the most of it.  I'm actually hopin' for just 4-5 hours...anything longer than that is just way too long.

I guess time will tell.

But in order to be ready, I'm off to bed at 10:58.  I'm kind of excited about that.  Alarm is set for 7:00 A.M.

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