Monday, May 3, 2010

And Some More--May 1, 2010

Woke up around 9:00-ish.  Went down for some breakfast. 

Today was pretty blah.  I headed over to the airport and was pretty relieved to find out that my airplane wasn't bein' worked on.  Danny had started on another 100-hour inspection, as we were still waiting for parts for the Aztec.  I took advantage of the time and went and looked at a car for sale.  It's a crazy move, but I found a car that looked pretty nice with low miles for a decent price.  I figured I could just fly here to Denver from Daytona Beach at the end of the season and drive it back home.  Sounded simple enough.  So I drove the 20 or so minutes to check it out, but I ended up having the wrong address.  I had to look for it (with Mom and Dad's cellphone help!) for another 20!

It was a 2003 Hyundai Elantra, and it seemed to drive fine...only had 53,000 miles, but the A/C didn't blow cold air, and it had no cruise control.  For the price, I wasn't too thrilled about that.  I decided I'll just pass and look at one closer to home.  Oh well.  Killed some time.

I stopped at Quizno's on the way back but took it to the airport in case the other guys needed the car.  I talked with the very cute Tessa some more at the FBO, and I even tried to get a pseudo-date with her and the other FBO chicks that afternoon!  She is quite gorgeous!  I like another one, too!  They were all going out, but she never gave a hint that I would be welcome.  No surprise there!

I ended up talkin' to a pilot at the airport for over an hour...he LOVED to talk, and I was being kind.  But we did talk about some enjoyable stuff...I told him all about my job, what we do, etc.  I told him what we were doing here in Denver, and he said you couldn't pay him enough to fly an airplane just barely over "those mountains."  I laughed.  He also said he wouldn't fly ANY airplane without at least a 496.  I told him I had two VOR's and flew "old school."  He just wouldn't have it.  I found the whole conversation amusing.  He did give me a lead for a job, though...flying pipeline patrol in Afghanistan!!!  I'm not too interested in it, but we'll see how the summer goes...I might need an adventure.

I had to run Danny and Jensen out for some tools...they needed my driving expertise since I was familiar with the area.  That was kind of disappointing, as I didn't really want to go, but I did anyway.  I came back, and I spent most of the day at the hotel...I wasn't feelin' too well today.  My nose is runnin', my eyes were dry, and I was sneezing.  Can't tell if it's somethin' in the air, if I'm allergic to my bed, or if I'm gettin' sick.  Either way, I don't like it.

We all went out for supper tonight, and we ended up tryin' a new restaurant.  But we walked in, and a wedding party had pretty much taken over, so we jumped next door to a pizza place.  It was quite small, but it worked for us.  I can't even remember the last time I ate pizza...not somethin' I really get on my own.  But we split a couple of pizzas between us.  And it was good!!!  I tell you, though...I was SHOCKED to see what was on TV.  They were playing "Boondock Saints," a movie I have never seen, and a movie I will never see.  It's disgusting from what I heard and what pieces I did see.  But I just couldn't believe that this movie was being played in a public restaurant.  I really HATE the world I live in.

We came back to the hotel after that, and that was pretty much the day.  The other guys were able to scout today, but the clouds were too low.  Pete and his wife went out for a drive over the mountains and ended up in a zero visility snowstorm!  It's west of our plans, but it's just crazy to think about that on the first day of May.  So another 0.0 today.

Ended up going to bed at midnight.  My airplane still isn't ready, so I didn't even set an alarm.

Oh, and I was stood up by the woman I went out with a couple of days ago.  It's certainly not the first for me...I have an uncanny ability of finding these type of women, but it still hurt.  I pretty much hate them.  But she didn't even acknowledge my existence today.  Story of my life.

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