Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Girl?!--May 5, 2010

Woke up at 7:15.  Ate breakfast, got ready, and headed over to the airport.  The winds were still kickin' up at 15,000 feet, but they were all out of the west, so we figured we might have a shot.  I pre-flighted, then headed for the skies.  My flight plan was at 14,500.  I climbed up to around 13,500, but I was havin' a hard time gettin' above that.  I wasn't feelin' right/comfortable in the airplane, and I think it's because I just hadn't flown it in so long!  I had oxygen in, and I tried to hit my line, but I was having altitude errors.

I circled back around and tried again.  It was fairly bumpy, but I pushed through.  Again, I had numerous errors.  So I flew up north and tried to hit it from the south.  I was doing 170 knots.  GRR!!!  I made a turn to the east and I was doing 202 knots over the ground.  These are some crazy winds up here!  I kept on trying to complete lines, but I just couldn't get one done.  The other Aztec pilot was able to complete four lines before the winds prevented him from continuing.  I felt like a TERRIBLE pilot.  I really did.  I was so frustrated that I couldn't even get ONE line done.  Agh, I was frustrated!

I headed 20 miles to the south and tried another one.  It was a bit lower, but the turbulence was horrendous.  I only had +/- 200 feet in tolerance, and I was getting hammered next to the ridge.  The updrafts and downdrafts (not to mention the aggressive turbulence) were around 1000/feet a minute.  It was anything but pleasant.  Finally, we just had to call just wasn't doable.  A couple of the guys finished a plan each, but the rest was just partials.  It was a very unproductive day...and yet the BEST day we've had in over a week?   Maybe two?  What a frustrating project.  I don't see how it's ever going to get done.  I just don't.

I had logged 2.1 hours today.  Of fruitless flying.  <sigh>

I headed back to the hotel.  We went out to eat at a Japanese place, but I just wasn't feelin' that.  So I didn't order anything but waited to eat my left-overs back at the hotel from last night.  Nothin' like payin' $0 for lunch.  I like it.

And then I did it.  I made the phone call.  Basically, I've been flirtin' with a girl from the FBO for a few days, and I kid you not, I feel like she is doing it back!  It's been fun!  So I made a phone call over to the FBO to see what she was doing tonight...

"Denver Jet Center, this is [NOT HER!!!]."  Agh, I wasn't prepared for that one!  She was supposed to work there until 3:00, and it was 2:30!!!  But someone else answered!  I quickly went to Plan B (just made up on the spot) and asked if all of our airplanes had been put away.  Turns out all but one had been.  Very well then.  I hung up.


Well, I came back to the room and asked about the last airplane.  Basically, it needed to be put up, too.  So with that, I decided to walk over to the airport and personally deliver that last message.  (Translation:  I wanted to SEE this girl and ask her out!!!).  Well, I went over there and delivered the message.  Of course, as my luck would have it, she was gone.  GRR!!!  So I played it cool and just said I needed to get out of the hotel.  And then that led to a conversation about the hotel, and that led to the older women saying they needed to come visit the hotel bar, and that led to a pseudo-invite to me about them coming over that evening!  CRAZY how this stuff works.

Well, to still play it cool, I grabbed my Snickers bar and went over and sat down and read an aviation publication.  I was there for about 8-10 minutes when my phone rang.  I didn't recognize the number.  But I answered.  And I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT!!!  It was her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was sooooooooooooo shocked and happy all at once!!!  I seriously can't describe the feeling!!!  It was perfect!  She had heard from one of the other girls that I said I wanted to hang out with them this weekend (true story), and so she asked if we wanted to hang out on Saturday.  My response?  "If by Saturday, you mean tonight AND Saturday, then yes."  She laughed and said "Deal."  Agh, I was sooooooooooooooooo excited!!!  She's so cute!  I'm smiling just writing this!

So we opted to hang out by ourselves tonight!!!  I like that idea much better.  She said she wanted to take a nap first, and I said that was fine.  I headed back to the hotel with a little spring in my step and worked out for awhile.  Even that felt good!  What a good day!  I then showered and headed downstairs to see if the ladies had shown up for the bar.  Sure enough, they had.  So I spent an hour or so with them.  And my oh my, what an experience that was.  Talking about kids, looking at the lack of rings on the fingers, and hearing some of the most crude and blatantly rude jokes was the norm.  Older people are quite disgusting!!!  And a couple of the older guys were hitting on the very attractive woman next to me...I mean laying it on thick.  She was pretty thrilled with me, but in the back of mind, I had something way more better to wait I waited!

And sure enough, the call came!  I was stoked!!!  It was a bit later (after 6:30!), and I was getting a bit nervous, but it came.  So who cares!!!  She picked me up, and she looked as attractive as ever.  We headed to her house where she dropped off the car, and then we walked to a restaurant.  It was just a night full of conversation and get-to-know-you talk.  I LOVED IT.

We sat at the restaurant for awhile, and she just seemed to become more and more attractive the more she talked.  Like she was transforming before my very eyes.  She's very attractive, yet not modelesque hot.  She's very smart but completely down to earth.  She's...she's just so nice!  I seriously was just perfectly comfortable with her.  It was so easy to talk, to look in her eyes.  I loved it.

We went for a walk after that, taking advantage of the gorgeous temperature.  And we just talked some more!  About her childhood, her growing up, everything we could think of.  She's pretty unique...definitely a "winner" that's been a little off the radar for whatever reason.  I love it.  I don't think she's a "master" of this dating thing, and I think that's whyI like it all the more.  She just seems to be the one that didn't get asked out all the time.  The one that had to watch the other girls get the guys (she admitted that even with the girls at work!).  But I liked her more and more the more we talked!  We headed back to her house where I met her roommates.  That was easy for problem in talking.  :)

We ended up going out for a drive just so that she could get rid of the roomies, and that provided us with some more talk time!  It was good.  What didn't turn out so well was the fact that we inadvertently ended up back at the airport.  She had mentioned me staying over, and she seemed surprised to find out that we were at the airport, but I remember watching her blinker turn on towards my hotel!!!  Agh, I was devastated!  But in the I have nothing good to say about you way.  I was a little hesitant to leave the car, but I said my good-byes and headed up to the room.

What a perfect night!!!  I seriously can't stop smiling!

I ended up back at midnight, and I texted her a couple of times before falling asleep.  I sure hope there is more to come.  Because I sure like what I see...

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