Monday, July 26, 2010

15 Minutes--July 25, 2010

Woke up at 8:30 A.M.  Grabbed a bowl of cereal, took a shower, then headed to the gas station to pick up a few copies of today's paper.  Sure enough, I was there!  I partially read the article on the way to church...not a bad write-up!  Headed to back into my old Sunday School from last year.  Pretty excited about that.  The teacher just does a phenomenal job.  One of the families recognized me (parents of fellow classmate from high school) and said they had read the article about me.  Kind of neat.

Church was pretty enjoyable today now that I'm back in a good class.  Although I still go to big service without talking to a soul.  It's very weird to me.  I leave church almost immediately because I don't know anyone.  Pretty annoying.

Headed home and read the article in full.  It was a great article, complete with pictures!  I was thrilled.  The writer talked about me and three other guys involved in couch-surfing.  Even mentioned Mom and Dad, too!  I thought it was a good article, though.  Well-done.

Headed to Golden Corral to meet up with the family that I had just seen yesterday!  Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt, Uncle, Cousin and Wife, and most of my immediate family were there!  Grandpa's treat.  I'll take it!  That place has become interesting to me, though, after talking with my roommate and others about it.  Some pilots in our group will just never eat there.  Basically, they call it a feeding trough.  Understandable.  It's almost gross going in there looking for fat people.  Because, well, it doesn't take long.  It's hard to kick that habit once's all I see when I go in anymore!  An interesting perspective really!  And my family just loves the place!!!  <sigh>  I mean, I enjoy the food, too, but it's just setting me up for a bad future!

Headed back home after eating.  The family came over to see the place, outside of my grandparents who drove off in a tizzy.  Another story there.  It was...awkward.  But the rest came over to see my house...and had nothing but good things to say!  Yup, I agree.  I like the house.

After they left, Mom went at the second coat of paint.  I (gladly!) went with Dad to check out some cabinets for my garage on the north side of town.  The cabinets were...hmm...fair.  Not in great shape.  Not worthless.  The countertop was in excellent condition.  I went ahead and took them, though admittedly, I wasn't exactly sold on them from the first glance (and that is usually how I know if I'll like something).  But I took 'em.  Ended up gettin' back home right at the time Mom was finishing the second coat.  GOOD!!!

We cleaned up the floor from the mud and paint, and then Dad helped me install the first of two ceiling fans.  It wasn't too hard, but it just doesn't blow much air!  I was kind of disappointed!  I tried tweaking the blades, and it's better, but something is just not right.  I am going to need more air than that moving in that hot garage!  We started arranging everything, too...what we could anyway.  Now comes the fun part!  We moved the vanity I bought yesterday back to the back along with the large and small fridge.  It's going to be pretty sweet, I think, though it's hard to picture the end result right now.  I just have too much stuff in there!

Ended up cleaning up more stuff this evening after Mom and Dad left.  I was going to install the second ceiling fan, but it is missing the mounting brackets.  So it looks like I'm out of luck on that one!  So I cleaned up some more and took several items over to my sister's house for Saturday's garage sale.  Now, oddly enough, I just need to get rid of the very cabinets I picked up today!  Oh, Andy.  Sometimes I wonder why I do what I do.  But they definitely have to go.  I don't want 'em!

Tomorrow I'm plannin' on cleaning up even more.  I'm hoping to have this garage done by Wednesday!  Ready to start making it look sweet!  But, boy oh boy, do I have a lot of stuff to get out of there.  In due time, though.

Went to bed at a very nice 11:15.  Alarm is set for 7:30.

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