Thursday, July 15, 2010

Garden on a Whim!!!--July 14, 2010




Woke up at 7:30.  Grabbed some cereal, then took a shower.  I headed out to my garage with the intentions of having a very productive day.  I decided to tackle the weed trimmer I bought last Friday.  I needed a fuel primer bulb and a filter for it, so I had to take a drive.  I stopped by the credit union to cash a $40 check and ended up talkin' to Dad for about a half hour.  From there I headed to True Value and picked up some fuel line.  Then I headed to Big R and picked up a fuel filter and primer bulb.  I was disgusted to learn that they sold the fuel filter as a kit!  It ended up costing me $9 just for that thing!  Grr!!!  I debated long and hard about gettin' it.  The frustrating part was that I broke the old one!  This was a fix that didn't need to happen!

I ended up getting it.  So I paid more in parts ($10.67) than I had purchased the entire trimmer for ($1o).  That's how it goes.  I headed to Wal-Mart to check out some tomato plants, but they didn't have any left.  So I walked over to Lowe's.  That's where I found some VERY beaten-up ones.  I mean, yikes.  They were so bad that the manager lady offered them to me for 25 cents apiece.  They were already out on a clearance rack for 99 cents, but even that was too much!  ha!  So I bought 7 of 'em.  It's pretty late in the season, but I figured I couldn't go wrong for the price.  I ended up getting charged 50 cents for one of 'em (uh oh!), so I paid $2.15 for seven tomato plants.  I'll take it.

I came back home and started work on the weed trimmer.  The lil' girl runs perfectly with the new fixes.  That's all it took.  Good.  I'll be sellin' that one to my aunt.  I then dumped some of the rock I had just purchased into my landscaping area.  And wow, were these rocks NOT what I had seen advertised.  The bags were so dirty it was nearly impossible to see the size of the rocks inside, but they had a display of them at the store that looked very much like mine.  Needless to say, these rocks were NOT a match.  So I had the very unwelcome duty of picking up the rocks by hand out of my landscaping.  GRR!!!

I then headed out to Mom and Dad's house, picked up both tillers, then headed back to True Value to return the rocks.  From there I headed to a stone center in town and picked up four bags of what looks to be my rock.  I got back home, though, and dumped one of those bags on, and I'm still not sure I have found a match!  This is getting annoying!  I just want the same rock!  Where are you?!  I think I might have to take the other bags frustrating!

I then started on my spontaneous lil' garden!  I used the Troy-Bilt for breaking up the ground.  But, boy, what a chore that was.  I mean, that was work!  The ground was like a rock.  We haven't had rain in 10 days now, and the earth is solid.  I was kicking up dust, but my biggest problem was holding the tiller back.  It just wanted to run once those tines hit that solid ground.  I had to take so many breaks!  It was well over 100 degrees, there was no wind, and I was working hard holding that tiller.  I was quite simply exhausted.  But I pressed on.

I FINALLY got the top layer broke, then set the depth a lil' bit deeper.  It was just about as painful!  But I kept on going.  I finally got it worked up pretty softly.  So I started using the little tiller on the edges by the fence.  But the earth was just about too hard for that lil' thing.  It's more of a cultivator than a breaker-upper!  So I aborted that.  I tried to use The Claw on it, but I couldn't even push through the top layer.  It was literally like hitting concrete.  I aborted that REAL quickly.

I just went ahead and planted my tomato plants.  I was kind of excited about them.  I have high hopes (and just as many doubts) for them, and I'm eager to see how they progress/recover.  They are seriously struggling right now.  Would be dead rather quickly if kept at the store!  But I was so disappointed while finishing up my last plant.  It's the biggest of them by far...the one I was the most hopeful for.  But while planting it, I lifted up the stem, and it cracked nearly all the way through.  Grr, I was disappointed!  I don't think that one is going to make it.  And it was the biggest!!!

Always somethin'.

I loaded up the tillers and took them back to Mom and Dad's house.  I didn't stay long, though, as I had a guest coming tonight.  But before I came back, I headed out to the horse ranch and picked up a load of manure compost.  I brought it back home and coated my entire garden with it.  C'mon, tomato plants!  Not goin' to lie, I'm really excited about having a garden!  A man needs to grow things.

I took a much-needed shower, then waited for my first couch-surfer to arrive.  He rolled in about 7:30.  We headed to Dublin Pub for a horseshoe, then came back home around 9:00.  We talked about our jobs, our lives, racism, and mathematics (his passion/major/job) until 10:30.  I asked him why .999999 repeating isn't a real number.  He responded with a quick reason as to how it is.  Oh boy.  I had some other questions/insights, and he always had a reasoning or response to them.  Pretty smart ones, too!  I was impressed.  But I had to retire at 10:30.  I am just soooooooooooooooo exhausted.  My legs are just spent.

Tomorrow is lookin' like another scorcher, too.  Heat index over 100 degrees again.  Here we go.

Finally hit the sack at 11:30.  A fairly productive day.  Fairly.  Alarm is set for 7:30.

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