Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Manly Day--July 19, 2010


Woke up at 9:15 A.M.  Wasn't movin' too fast.  Went out to grab some breakfast but didn't have any milk.  So I ate a cookie from the couch-surfer I had this past week.  That would have to do.  I showered, watered my tomato plants, then headed to Dad's work.  I had planned on picking up some moolah and drivin' down to Hillsboro in order to deposit it into my bank.  I had a credit card payment due today, but I didn't have all the funds in my bank to cover it.  It stinks not having a bank in town!!!  But after some researching, I figured out that it would be much cheaper for me to just take a small interest rate charge for one day rather than drive all the way there and back.  So I deposited it into my account here and transferred it over to the bank in Hillsboro.  Way too complex.

But it DID give me an extra couple of hours that I hadn't planned on!

So I headed out to the ranch to help Jobu build a hay feeder.  He had already started, but we decided to tweak it a little.  I ended up spending the entire day there!  From about 11 o'clock on to 4 o'clock!  It was nothing short of fantastic.  We watched a VERY strong storm roll in from the northwest...I just ate that up.  I am madly in love with storms!  We had everything, too.  A wall cloud, a VERY visible inflow, lots and lots of lightning, and rotating clouds!  It was eery and awesome all at the same time!

We ended up getting all that we could done on the hay feeder.  I'm not goin' to lie, I think we surprised even myself!  The feeder looks great!!!  We need latches for a door we're puttin' on it, but other than that, it's done.  We'll be able to finish that up tomorrow morning.  I'm eager to see if the horses actually use it!  A job well-done.  It's just so fun working with my hands.  I love it!

From there, I hurried out to the west side of Springfield.  But not before grabbing my camera at my house.  The weather was AWESOME.  We had another storm rolling in, and we had an absolutely spectacular look at it as it came in.  The "curve" went as far as the eye could see side-to-side.  Magnificent.  It was completely white against a vibrant blue and purple background.  Wish I could've pulled off to a road (I contemplated it) and just snap pictures.  But I was running late!

I had a 4:30 appointment with a guy from craigslist.  I was pretty excited about this one.  He was giving away FIVE TV's and a small refrigerator.  WHAT?!  Yeah, I couldn't believe it.  I was a bit nervous goin' there, as I thought it sounded too good to be true.  But he didn't disappoint!!!  I picked up SIX TV's and a fridge!  He was simply upgrading his tube TV's to flat-screens.  Shoot, I'll take 'em!  I was mostly excited about a free fridge (need one for the upcoming Man Cave!), but the TV's were just icing on the cake!  One of them is 36 inches!!!  What a find!  Might be my best craigslist find to date!  So excited to put them to good use.

Mom had met me over at this guy's house in order to help load the big one.  But what a chore that was.  We literally had to DRAG it across the entire length of the yard.  There was just no way we could have carried it that far between us.  But it all worked out!  I was in a hurry to beat the storm coming in (it spit on us and the TV's a bit), but I was runnin' on low!  I hadn't eaten breakfast OR lunch!  And it was 5 o'clock!

We headed back to my house and unloaded them all.  What a bunch of TV's!!!  Crazy.  I showed Ma several pictures of other Man Caves on the internet to show her what I was scheming.  I still don't have a definite theme yet, and that's the hard part!  Once I have that, I'll be able to run forward with my design!  I grabbed a MUCH-needed microwavable meal out of my freezer and cooked that.

I then went to work on my garage!  I am seriously so excited about this project.  I learned today that I'll be getting a free pool table, too!  Perfect!  I can sure get used to this free stuff!  Keep it coming!!!  I went ahead and mud and taped my one unfinished wall.  I'm going to paint it, and I might as well do it soon!  Like this week!  I had never done a full wall before, but I went ahead and tried it out.  I had watched videos on YouTube last night, and I figured I would learn as I go!  It wasn't too bad, although there is certainly an art to it.  I won't call my job professional by any means, but I think it will be functional.  The wall already looks different.  It should give my garage a totally different feel.  I haven't decided if I am going to paint the other walls yet...we'll see.  And I'm debatin' on the ceiling.  It needs mud and taped, too!  That will be a lot of work!!!  But I think it will pay off in the future.  Might as well have a finished garage, right?!  I mean, it's going to be a Man Cave!  Might as well make it awesome.

Finished mudding around 9:15 P.M.  Came in and took a break.  Ended up bein' on the internet most of the night, just talkin' with some folks.  Cooked two ears of corn a lil' after 10:00 and ate 'em at 10:20.  Nothin' like corn on the cob late at night!  Ended up goin' to bed pretty tired at 12:30 A.M.  But what a day!  A hay feeder that should get used for years to come, and a Man Cave that is starting to materialize.

I can get used to this productivity side of life.  Nothing better than having a long, productive day.  Definitely need a whole lot more of 'em!

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