Friday, July 2, 2010

Busy Day...--July 1, 2010




Woke up at 8:00 A.M.  I had opened up my windows last night to take advantage of the 50-degree low temps overnight, but that made me wake up to birds through the morning hours!!!  Oh well...I still ended up having a good night's sleep.  I grabbed a bowl of cereal, showered, then headed outside to start the rock by one.

I was pleasantly surprised to see my brother arrive 30 minutes early.  We both started picking up rocks one by one.  After we got through a very mixed patch, we did what Erica and I had done previously.  He would use a leaf blower to blow the trigs, dirt, and grass off of the rocks as I raked them back and forth.  Before long, we had 95% of the big rocks back in the area.  SWEET!!!  I had a mess of dirt and unwanted purple rock in my driveway.  What to do with that!

We were pretty much finished with my rock project until I purchased some bushes, so we started working on a lawnmower that Kirk had brought over.  It was having an air filter replaced and a new blade put on.  But we were pressed for time, so we had to quit a bit early.  We were heading up to eat with our grandma and grandpa.  Boogs and Baby came by, so we all headed up north.

I always love seeing the grandparents.  I love 'em so much!  Jobu and I loaded up the boat onto his truck, and then I put away a John Deere tractor.  I tell you, I fell in LOVE in the two short minutes I was in there.  It was a taste of something I just don't know how to have.  I seriously LOVE farming.  I just wish I could figure out a way to do it!!!  Hmm...They took us out to eat in Atlanta at an AWESOME 1940's diner...literally restored to nearly identical to how it was in the 40's.  It was beautiful.  I went with the famous pony-shoe...a central Illinois favorite.  We stayed there for about an hour, said our good-byes, then headed back south.  A fine day.

Mom met me back at home in order to help me wrap up this landscaping project.  But I still needed bushes, and Jobu needed another blade for his mower.  So he and I drove to Lowe's and Big R while the girls stayed at home.  I came back and Mom and I went to town on planting those bushes.  It wasn't terribly hard work, but it took a good bit of digging.  I opted to go with four bushes instead of the five I had purchased.  I think it looks much better that way.  Around 4:30, we were done!!!  It's a bit bland right now, but oddly enough, I like it.  This house just needed something.  I still have the fine touches to do (clean up the dirt and rock that spilled over into my yard, cut the weed barrier that is hanging out, add a tall bush on the end, and fill in the excess gaps with more rock), but I am basically 90% finished now.  It's a good feeling.  And I really do like the bushes.  I think they will only make the house look better year after year.

I came inside, took a quick shower, then headed for Mom and Dad's house.  Mom had cooked supper for me, so I gobbled that down as we waited for a reporter to come.  Mom, Dad, and I were being interviewed about couch-surfing for our local paper!  It was pretty enjoyable sharing the experiences with someone else, though I am nervous/eager to see what type of slant he takes on the article.  Somehow or another, it always seems that words in print just don't match what was said!  Oh well.  We still had fun.

We had the whole crew over there, too, so we hung out after the reporter left.  We were basically interviewed from 6:15 to 8:15.  But Boogs, Casey, Baby, Crazy, Mom, Dad, and I were all there, so we just talked until around 9:40 when I left.  I did have quite a fun experience, though, while there.  A baby bluebird was being taught how to fly!!!  I had seen this bird in the bluebird house about a week ago, and I guess it was time to get out!  Well, the poor thing couldn't figure it out, so Mom and Dad Bluebird would swoop down, feed it, fly in circles, land in the trees, and just watch.  But the poor little thing just didn't know what to do.  He would flap his wings, maybe go 5-10 feet, then come back down.  And Mom and Dad just tried and tried and tried to show him how!  I didn't think this was normal, and we were all a bit afraid about what would happen to him at night, but such is nature.  I guess we'll see.  It was fun (and heart-wrenching!) to watch, though.  I just LOVE the fact that a baby bluebird is alive because of a house I made!!!  What fun.

I came back to my house, relaxed on the couch for a bit, and hit the sack at 11:30.  Alarm is set for 7:30.  I have a busy morning.  Breakfast with Crazy, then my mowing gig.  Should take all morning.  I'll probably do a bit of landscaping tomorrow, and then I might go out on the boat for fireworks tomorrow night!  We'll see!

I am very, very tired, though.  What a very good day.  I just LOVE productivity!

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