Thursday, July 8, 2010

Out of Gas--July 7, 2010

Woke up at 8:15 A.M.  Grabbed a bowl of cereal, then showered.  I rounded up some old receipts and went to run some errands.  I was returning about $50 worth of stuff...un-used parts from the sump pump project a week and a half ago, an un-used belt from a mower project, and an un-used gasket from a mower project.

But all was not to go as planned.  Frankly, it rarely does for this guy.

I returned the belt to True Value.  I then started to drive the 7 miles north to Lowe's.  But I was going to get some gas first as I was getting low.  So I started to pull into a gas station, but there was "police tape" everywhere with a sign that read, "Gas Station Closed Today, Getting New Registers."  Very well.  So I went up a bit to the next station.  I got in the left turn-lane and started to pull in when I realized it was a BP station.  Now I have never boycotted them yet, but I just felt like doing it today.  So I passed on that gas station!  I just figured I would drive the (now) six miles to a gas station up by Lowe's.

So I hit the interstate.  I was coming up to my exit when my speed just fell off.  It went from 70 to 65.  Then 60.  Hmm.  I turned onto the exit ramp and still thought that I had my truck running.  I soon found out just how wrong I was.  I downshifted to fourth gear, but that didn't do much.  I was just coasting now!  NO power.  I had run out of gas!  I was able to make it all the way down the ramp and just past being underneath the interstate.  I was about 0.5 miles from the gas station.  But I was bone dry.  It wouldn't start back up.  The kicker?  My gas gauge was showing between 1/8 and 1/4.  <sigh>  But I was most certainly stuck.  So I called up my sister and asked her to come save me.

She arrived about 30 minutes later.  I was just sitting in my truck, sweating in the 93-degree heat, watching the semis whiz by.  She had brought an empty gas tank, so she had to go fill it up.  Another 10 minutes or so.  Agh, time a'wasted!  My morning was not going as planned!  She came back, I filled it up with the gallon can, and it fired right up.  I headed to the gas station and threw some more gas in there.  I had basically lost most of my morning, though, so I was only able to return the parts.  I had wanted to start (and finish!) working on the weed trimmer that the ranch gave to me.  But I had problems with that.  Big R said they couldn't look up the carburetor with my model number.  The odd thing is that that is how they ALWAYS look up parts.  I think the guy just didn't want to help me out.  Because he had a picture up on his screen, and he started writing down numbers.  It was pretty shady.  I really believe he was just lazy.

I headed to my sister's house after Big R as we were going to go out to eat with Mom.  We picked Mom up from work, then headed to Quizno's.  I told them that this morning was actually somewhat productive.  I was one step closer to naming my truck.  I realized this morning that the name HAS to be female.  Why?  Because she says one thing but means another.  I feel like that is a good step in the process.

I came back home from eating out, then headed BACK to Big R to pick up my parts.  This time I brought the carburetor.  I came back home and started working on the weed trimmer.  I tore the carb apart and replaced the gaskets and diaphragm.  It didn't run.  So I took it apart and cleaned it again.  This time I had problems with the primer bulb.  It just wouldn't pump!  It was full of air!  I finally figured that out.  Everything was now supposedly in working order.  So I tried it again.  I had a terribly hard time starting it, but it FINALLY started.  I kept it running, and I was actually able to trim the entire side of my house!  I shut it off and tried out the tiller attachment.  That also worked.  I shut it down to put the air filter on it, and I could never, ever get it started again.  Agh, you have got to be kidding me!

At this point, I was pretty frustrated.  It had taken much longer than expected, and it still didn't work.  Not a big fan.  So I took a break.  I checked my bananas on the food dehydrator, and I turned them off.  They were pretty dry, but I had a big problem.  I couldn't get them unstuck from the trays!  I mean, they were GLUED down!  Grr!  I was eager to get away from the weed trimmer, so I drove over to Mom and Dad's to check out a truck pulling their big bushes out from their front yard.  The truck had since left, and he had only been able to get 3 out of the 5 bushes pulled.  The others were too strong!  It amazes me just how strong roots are.  And these bushes are a solid 30 years old.  I stayed over there for about an hour.  I loaded up the old water fountain that has been in our family for 40 years.  It's time for its retirement.  I had taken over two trays of the bananas to Mom, but we just couldn't them unstuck.  We put them in a sink of water and just let them get all mushy.  My first food dehydrator experience?  FAIL.  I ate a few of the chips, but they were pretty yucky anyway.  Hmm...gotta figure out how to stop the sticky from happening.  I mean, they were just bonded to the trays.  I can't waste a big batch of beef jerky on somethin' like that!!!

I came back home and listed the fountain and my purple rock in my driveway on craigslist.  As of midnight, I have one taker for the rock and none for the fountain.  Hey, I'll take it.  I am sooooooooooo eager to get rid of that rock!  Once that is gone, I have my driveway back, AND the front yard will just look so much better.

I went for a run tonight, and it actually felt good.  I was sweating like crazy in the humidity, but I loved it.  I did some push-ups, then came in and relaxed.  I had had plans on going out tonight, but it was 10:00 by the time I was showered and all.  So I opted to stay in.

Ended up pootin' around on the internet most of the night.  Was in bed at 12:20 A.M.  Alarm is set for 8:30.  It's going to be another busy day tomorrow.  Got lunch with Grandma and Grandpa, and then I have to mow the 2-hour-long yard.  !!!  Time is just flying by.

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