Sunday, July 25, 2010

More Progress and Almost Famous?!--July 24, 2010

Woke up at 7:00 A.M.  I was on a mission!!!  Grabbed a bowl of cereal, then brushed my teeth, and waited for Mom to show up.  I went ahead and watered my tomatoes, and Mom was there by the time I was finished with that.  So we made a bee-line path for the garage sale!  We arrived at 7:35, and we were the only ones there, though everything was already out in the driveway, including the vanity!  We walked up, checked out everything else while we were there, and then I finally asked what he wanted for the vanity.  $30, he said!!!  I seriously couldn't believe it!  I was coming with the mindset of spending up to $100 for the thing.  So needless to say, I was thrilled!  SOLD.  I also bought a Washers game while there for $1.

We went to a couple more garage sales, including the one that I went to yesterday.  I ended up buying a coffee table from there to hold my big 36-inch TV.  $10.  I'll take it.  So I basically have all of the big items for my Man Cave now.  And this vanity/cabinet was one of the biggest desires!  We stopped at Menard's on the way back to look at countertops, and I was shocked out of my mind to see how CHEAP these countertops were!  I VERY gladly paid the $14.99 for a countertop for the cabinets.  I even tried it out once I got to the truck.  A perfect fit!  So I just picked up my cabinets and countertop for behind the bar for $45!  I was thrilled!

Headed back home, then waited to get picked up at 10:30 to head for the farm.  Ended up makin' a few quick stops at Golden Corral for a gift certificate, Wal-Mart for food to take, and Casey and Erica's to pick 'em up.  Then we headed north.  Most of the family was there today, so I loved that.  It's pretty nice having most everyone local.  We had a huge crowd there to celebrate Grandma's 85th birthday.  I had a great time visitin' with everyone.  I also installed a new battery into the 3020 for Grandpa, and much to my surprise (though not really!), the lil' girl started right up after TWO YEARS of sitting!!!  She is a beaut.  I have so many fond memories on that tractor.

Ended up staying at the farm until around 3 o'clock.  Then headed to Uncle Bob's to pick up some more free stuff!!!  I picked up a full-size refrigerator and freezer, a grill, and a shop vac.  I love free stuff!  Then came back home in my uncle's truck (with Casey) and drove through a VERY wet thunderstorm.  It was incredibly hard to see on the interstate, and it didn't help that several people had pulled off to the side of the road!  It was seriously nuts how hard and fast it was raining!!!  Certainly got the fridge wet!

Back at home, I had high ambitions of painting my garage wall.  But I had a problem!  I was locked out for about 30 minutes.  I had left my garage door opener in the van with Mom and Dad!  So I had to wait for Mom to come back to help paint.  My roommate Dug swung by to pick up some stuff, so we chatted for a bit as we waited to get inside.  He'll be moving back in next week.  I finally got in, and I started sanding the third coat of mud.  It didn't take too long.  Mom came back with paint, and we went at it.  Man, I forgot how much I hate painting.  What a pain!!!

But after about 45 minutes, we had the wall done with the first coat.  Frankly, it looks awful blah right now!  It's just white!!!  But I have to remember what it looked like before!  And what it's going to look like this next week!  I'm pretty excited.  At first, it just didn't look very good.  But I looked at it later tonight, and I think I'm going to like it.  I can certainly get used to it.  I just need to do my ceiling, too!!!  But I have no desire!!!  We'll see.

Went for a walk before a thunderstorm moved in, then chilled at the house for a bit.  My friend Schneider called me and wanted to hang out, and contrary to what I should have done, I agreed.  I was seriously beat.  But we ended up going over to Crazy's house around 9:00.  I'm not goin' to lie, I fell asleep on his couch.  I was just totally exhausted.  They woke me up at 11:00, and Schneider dropped me back off at home.  It was at least good to see him.

Ended up going to bed at 12:15 A.M.  Alarm is set for 8:30 for church.

I'm excited about tomorrow for several reasons.  First, I get to get back into the Sunday School class that I loved so much last year.  Then I get to eat with the family again (G'ma and G'pa are takin' us out to Golden Corral), then I get to add the final coat of paint to my wall and start arranging everything, AND I'll be featured in the local newspaper tomorrow on a story about couch-surfing!!! Eager to see how it all turns out!

It's fun having things to look forward to!

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