Friday, July 30, 2010

Another (Self-Inflicted!) Unforeseen Expense!!!--July 29, 2010


Woke up at 9:08 A.M.  I was pretty stinkin' tired.  Grabbed some breakfast, took a shower, read an e-mail from my grandparents saying not to come up for lunch today, then headed over to my credit union to deposit some checks...and get some coffee!!!  Came back home and started tackling my Man Cave.  I now had the entire day to focus on this!!!

I headed to Wal-Mart to pick up some clips to hang up my flag I received on my birthday.  I came back and hung that up.  It would have been nicer with two people (what isn't?!), as I ended up getting the flag off-center.  I was going by the package that said 3' x 5'.  Turns out the flag is only 52 inches!!!  Who knew a 5' flag is only 52 inches wide?!  About anyway, it's definitely a bit off-centered.  I also put Cubs clothes on my mannequin.  Monique looks muuuuuuuch better now.  Erica came over to help me hang up another Chicago Cubs old shower curtain!  I kid you not, that's what I did.  And it doesn't look bad at all!  Kind of neat actually!

I threw a pizza in for lunch.  It's so incredibly hard to beat a $3 pizza.  They taste sooooo good!!!  Why do we ever eat out?!

After she left, I pulled nearly everything out of my garage that wasn't for the Man Cave.  And let me tell you, I am loving it!!!  It looks great with all of the other stuff out of the garage.  It's just a beautiful set-up!  But therein lies my problem.  I had to pull a TON of stuff out in order to make it look that way!!!  A four-wheeler (got it running after not running for quite awhile!), a tiller, tomato cages, another non-running tiller, buckets, a power washer, a tool rack with several garden tools, a shelf full of items, truck ramps, two large trash cans, and on and on and on.  I just looked at the stuff outside my garage and realized then and there that I needed a shed.  There was just no way around it.  If I am going to have a decent man-cave, then I absolutely have to get that stuff out of there.  sigh.  Another unforeseen expense!!!  Who knew that a garage collected so much stuff?!  I am learning quickly that EVERY project you start leads to something else.  I had NO intentions of forking out $550 while making this Man Cave!!!  But if I am going to follow through with it, I really have to.  There is not much way around it.  Grr!!!

So I spent much of the afternoon researching sheds.  I called around, and the size I would need is $1530 installed.  Um, yeah, no.  Absolutely not.  So I started looking at kits.  I tried everywhere to find a kit that I liked.  Big R.  Lowe's.  Home Depot.  Farm and Fleet.  Harbor Freight.  Tractor Supply Company.  Farm and Home.  True Value.  Ace Hardware.  I struck out at EVERY place.  Two of the listed companies sell them on their website, but as the Harbor Freight chick said, "We only stock about 20% of what is available on the website."  Oh, the internet.

But about 15 minutes later, I read some more reviews on the parts, and basically, they are just not needed.  It makes it a cinch to build a shed, but proper cutting does the exact same trick.  And would save me about $100.  Cutting it is.

Mom came over after work to check out the lean and clean Man Cave.  It looks so good!  But a shed is just needed.  So we headed to Menards to check out some sheds.  I was basically just going to buy a $300 metal shed and be done with it.  But the problem is it doesn't come with a floor at all.  You have to build that...around $130.  So I could have a (very) short shed for $430 or build my own big one for around $550.  I went with the latter.  If I am going to have it for 15 years, I might as well make it nice.  And big enough to store whatever else I accumulate!

We headed over to Lowe's to check out some more sheds.  Even more expensive!  Up in the $2000 range on some!  It's just 2x4's and plywood!!!  It's ridiculous!  I think I am going to have to take up shed-building after all is said and done.  There is certainly some profit to be made.

I ended up returning a fan I received on my birthday, too, while at Menards and trading it in for a countertop (for the cabinets from yesterday), a push broom, and a pair of loppers.  I also bought a couple of parts for a ceiling fan that was missing some necessary parts.

I came home and had the unwelcome task of putting everything back in the garage.  GRR!!!  It doesn't look as nice with everything in there!  At all!!!  I am so eager to build this shed!  I almost went back to Menards to buy some wood, but I opted to wait.  I was pretty tired, and it was already after 8 o'clock.

Around 9, I headed over to Casey and Erica's to pick up the ceiling fan I had put in the garage sale.  I found Casey in the driveway working on the brakes of his car.  Under his brother's headlights.  There is nothing more manly than working under the lights of another car.  Of course, I lended a hand while there.  I sat out in the very mosquito-infested driveway and helped him bleed his brakes.  I was there about 45 minutes...getting eaten alive the entire time.  I was in shorts and sandals.  Not a good combination with blood-hungry bugs.  But the brakes are fixed.  He had replaced an entire caliper before I got there.  But everything seems good.  He says he has brakes now!!!

Ended up coming back home around 10 o'clock and had high ambitions of putting a ceiling fan in in 30 minutes.  But after I pulled the fixture off the ceiling, I realized that it had two wires going to it, and that I had no idea what color of wire nuts to use!  Or if I even had wire nuts.  So I quit while I was ahead.  I'll tackle it either tomorrow or Saturday.

Ended up going to bed at 12:15.  Tomorrow is the big first day of our garage sale!  It is mostly BIG items!!!  Hopefully most of it disappears!  Will wake up at 7:30 to be over there at 8:00.  I'm sure it's going to be a coffee morning....

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