Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Little Progress!!!--July 23, 2010

Woke up at 9:15 to my alarm.  Was pretty tired, so shut my eyes again.  Literally thought I was out for about 15 more minutes when I looked at my phone.  I had a missed phone call from my sister.  AT 10:25 A.M.!!!  Agh, NO!!!  I had slept in again!  It was 10:30.  I hopped out of bed, grabbed cereal, and took a shower.  I HATE sleeping in!  I wasted good time!  So much for getting my garage sanded and mudded before noon!

I called my sis, and Casey needed to borrow my truck.  So I took a little time to do Course #7, then headed over there to help him out.  We had to drop some garbage off at the dumpster at my dad's work, then headed out to Mom and Dad's house to pick up tables for their garage sale next week.  I was done around 12:30.  I headed to a garage sale where I spent $4 (tool belt, two crowbars, a cup holder for my truck, AND a free rug!).  Not a bad find.  I then headed to McDonald's for lunch.  Two cheeseburgers and a building full of loud teens singing Christian music.  Kind of crazy.

I then headed home but had to leave shortly thereafter to check out a craigslist find.  It was a storage cabinet that I would use for my garage.  Only $20.  But once I arrived, I immediately saw a water stain going up the side.  I  was pretty disappointed at the lack of information about that!!!  I said no thanks.  A wasted 30 minutes of my time.  Headed back home, then started sanding my walls.  Wow, it was HOT!!!  It was around 105 degrees with the head index, and my garage was just holding all of the heat.  I had to take numerous breaks!  But I got the second coat done.

Got a phone call about a guy wanting to come down from Peoria to pick up some small engines.  I more than welcomed him.  I am just eager to count my losses with those (probably $30-$40).  I took a gamble and lost.  Oh well.  It happens.  I just want them out of my garage.  He came down just like he said he would and gave me $50 for a non-working mini-tiller, a working weed trimmer without a head, and a basically non-working weed trimmer.  Just glad to see 'em go.

I also finished Course 8 for my Flight Instructor Renewal.  That means I am completely and totally DONE with the work!!!  Couldn't be more excited.  It only took me 2 1/2 days to do.  I'm thrilled.  I tried calling the FSDO at 4:15, but they had closed already.  Will have to pay them a visit next week to get all of the paperwork completed.  But I'm done!!!  Good for another two years!

Cooked some tilapia and corn-on-the-cob for supper.  Pretty tasty.  Then headed into town for another craigslist find.  A pool table light.  I paid $25 for it.  Hope it works!  Came back home, then went for a run around 8:00.  It was so hot.  So ridiculously hot still!  I was soaked.  Came back and spent the rest of the night inside.  Had ambitions of goin' out, but opted to stay in.  Applied for a corporate flying job and another airline.  Haven't heard back from any of the previous ones.  What a never-ending black-hole of gloom.

Mom and I are going garage-saling EARLY tomorrow, so I headed to bed at 11:30.  I want to be fresh.  We also have Grandma's birthday party, and I'm hopin' to sand AND paint my garage wall!  I'm ready to get this Man Cave goin'!  Lookin' to be a busy day.  It all starts with a good night's rest.

Oh, one more thing!!!  I went out to water my tomato plants this afternoon, and one was missing entirely!!!  I mean gone!  Nipped off right at the ground-level.  It stinks, too, because that one already had two yellow flowers on it!!!  GRR!!!  I'm guessin' a rabit.  You better watch out, lil' don't know who you're messin' with!  He works by the cover of darkness, though!  Lil' booger!

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