Friday, July 9, 2010

Visitin' the Farm--July 8, 2010

Woke up at 8:30.  Boogs and I had planned on leaving at 9:00 for the farm, but this morning was a bit busy for me!  I hopped online only to find out that an airline had resumed hiring.  So I spent the 15 or so minutes filling out an application.  It's nothing new...I do this every now and again...but I owe it to myself to keep trying.  We'll see what happens.  Their minimums were 1000 TT and 200 multi-engine hours.  I meet both of those, but it's still a far cry from the 300 TT and 25 ME of 2008.  I also talked to the guy that is interested in picking up my rock out of my driveway!  Can't wait for that!  We set up a time for tomorrow.

Boogs and I ended up leaving at 9:30 for the farm.  I'm back in the routine of eating with them every Thursday.  I love it!  Once I got there, Grandpa had numerous chores for me to do.  I had to help him on the computer, then help him tighten a bolt on the 4450 tractor, then start it up and test it out, then install a battery on the ol' 3020.  I also had to install a plug-in end on a broken wire to his grinder.  I was working for my lunch this morning!  But I love it.  Always eager to help out.

Uncle Bob came over, so we had six of us altogether, Baby included.  Afterwards, I cleaned out the hummingbird feeder (and saw TONS of ants and flies fall out much to my disgust) and filled it back up for them.  We ended up staying there until 1:30.

We headed back home where Boogs dropped me off at home.  We had made a quick stop at Dad's work for me to steal his drill bits.  I came home and drilled out a bigger hole in the broken fountain pump.  Long story short, I was able to salvage the old pump.  So the one I just bought yesterday at Lowe's for $21 can be taken back!  I'm pretty excited about that.  So my fountain is now working beautifully.  I only have $14 wrapped up in that thing.  Not bad!

I took the late afternoon and started focusing on my back yard.  I chopped down three trees with a chainsaw, but I still have four left!  The chain on the saw is pretty dull, so I opted to continue this project tomorrow.  But I'm eager to get that done.  It honestly doesn't make that much difference in the yard, as these trees are all along the fence line and mostly hidden by other trees.  But they need to be taken out so that my grass can grow and so that I can mow!!!  They are pretty ugly as is.

I weed-whacked my yard while I was already dirty with sawdust.  Then I went for a little walk around the block.

I came back, ate, showered, then ended up going out around 8:00 for a few drinks.  On my way out, I heard numerous firetrucks, but I couldn't see any smoke anywhere.  I found out about an hour later that the fire was about 1/2 mile away from my house...and it brought out 12 fire trucks!  I guess it was a warehouse fire.  I never did see any smoke, though.  I was out about an hour and a half, then came back and loafed at home.

Ended up going to bed VERY tired at midnight.  Ruble called me around 9:15 and wants to hang out tomorrow.  So I think I'll slip up there for a short bit tomorrow morning.  Then get rid of the rock in the afternoon!  And a few trees!

Such is the plan anyway.  But we'll see what happens.

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