Friday, July 23, 2010

Projects...Quizzes...They Never End!!!--July 22, 2010

Woke up at 9:10 A.M.  Sooooo much better than noon!!!  I ended up going to sleep on the floor last night (on purpose) to try to help with my back.  But I woke up several times, so I went to the bed around 6:30-ish, I think.  It is still killing me.  Grabbed a bowl of cereal, then took a shower.  I went ahead and started Course #5 out of 8 for my Flight Instructor Renewal.  I passed another one!  Woo hoo!  Then I headed out to the garage to put on a second coat of mud.  It wasn't too hard, but it's just a project that I don't overly love.  It didn't take too long, but it's just not the most fun work I've ever done!

I went ahead and mowed the grass while I was out there.  I was already dripping sweat being in my garage, so I figured I might as well stay gross and dirty.  And boy, was it heating up.  I finished the yard around 11:15, but it was already another scorcher.  One of the hottest July's I can ever remember.  We were up in the triple digits with the heat index again.  Crazy.

I also worked on the tiller that I purchased last Saturday.  I still can't figure out what is going on here.  And that's what I spent most of the afternoon doing.  It was crazy hot.  I mean, dangerously hot.  So I tried working in the shade, but I still had to take breaks!  But I still couldn't get the engine to even try to fire.  I checked the spark.  Weak but there.  I checked the gas.  There.  The spark plug gets wet.  I even took an identical carburetor from a perfectly-running weed trimmer (given for free with the tiller) and tried that.  NOTHING.  I didn't get it.  I have spark.  I have a good carburetor.  Could it be compression?  GRR.  I was not too happy!  But I tried and tried and tried.  I took the engine apart even more.  I found a wire that was not connected that went to the shut-off switch, so I put a new connector on.  I cleaned up the magnets and magneto.  I put it back together.  NOTHING.  GRR!!!

A wasted $60.  I'm pretty tired of working on it!  I just don't know what to do!  And I have a few projects like this.  I just want them out of my garage so I can focus on the Man Cave!!!  I called a local repair guy to see if he wanted to trade.  He said not this late in the season! Agh!  I was almost certain I could fall back on him!  Now what?!  I went ahead and listed the on craigslist.  I just want them gone.  Take them all.  Get them out of my garage!

It was a gamble last week (I thought a good one), but it was certainly a wasted $60.  Plus gas.  If only I can recoup some of it back, I think I would be happy.  I am just done with 'em!

Dad came over after work to continue working on the electrical outlet from two days ago.  This time we had tools.  The hole was made, and the wire was fed.  Sort of.  It took probably 20-30 minutes just to feed the guide wire through!  A pain in the butt!  As I said to Dad, "Always somethin'."  But we FINALLY got it, and that project is complete.  Wrapped up around 6 o'clock.  Mom came by and went and got us some McDonald's.  A nice treat.

They left, and I took a breather.  For a bit.  But then I decided to go for a run.  It was so hot.  I also decided on something else...the theme for my Man Cave.  I am going to go with the Chicago Cubs.  It's easy, it's me, and it will be quite enjoyable for conversation and others, I believe.  I am already picturing the set-up in my head.  Kind of excited about it!

Erica and Casey surprised me with a visit around 8 o'clock, so I took a shower, and we all headed to Steak 'n Shake.  Went to Meijer after that to pick up some toothpaste, then came back to my house to watch "The Book of Eli."  An ok flick.  Ended up going to bed TOO late at 2:15.  Grr!

I think tomorrow is going to be crazy busy!  Sand drywall, mud drywall, get rid of engines (hopefully!), help out at the ranch, and on and on!

Ended up sellin' some stocks today, too.  Not thrilled about that, but without a job this summer, I just need some moolah.  Grr, though!  I HATE selling!  Especially when I think a GOOD report is coming in just 5 days!  I think the stock will go higher.  Oh well...gotta have money to pay the bills...

I need sleep.

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